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Strategic Sourcing efforts can often be time-consuming, complex and ineffective. Whether companies currently utilize a cumbersome e-sourcing solution or a labor-intensive combination of spreadsheets, emails and misunderstandings, FlexRFP by EC Sourcing Group can be the solution.

FlexRFP offers comprehensive functionality in a system that is both less expensive and simpler than other solutions in the market. With this collaborative, intuitive system, companies and their suppliers have a single tool to automate and streamline bid management, negotiation and analysis.

FlexRFP is entirely web-based, eliminating any IT involvement. It is Sarbanes Oxley Compliant and integrates seamlessly with an organization's existing MRP, ERP or legacy solution. It's a great fit for a number of industries with more than $50 million in revenue: 3PL, industrial machinery, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, retail and more.

The FlexRFP e-sourcing Suite was developed to standardize and improve both Vendor Management and Strategic Sourcing. Using FlexRFP, companies can quickly and easily perform RFPs, RFIs, Soft Auctions, Live Reverse auctions and more, as well as comprehensive spend analysis, reporting, document exchange and communications. There are also optional modules for Contract and Supplier Management.

This robust functionality is offered in an interface very similar to Microsoft Excel, a environment familiar to both the client and the suppliers.

FlexRFP gives organizations a user-friendly e-sourcing solution that facilitates a collaborative approach to Strategic Sourcing.



FlexRFP - Buyer Side Home Screen
  • FlexRFP - Buyer Side Home Screen
    Buyer Side Home Screen
  • FlexRFP - Supplier View of RFI Questions
    Supplier View of RFI Questions
  • FlexRFP - RFI Supplier Scorecard
    RFI Supplier Scorecard
  • FlexRFP - Supplier View of Bid Spreadsheet
    Supplier View of Bid Spreadsheet
  • FlexRFP - Bid Analysis Report in Subtotal Only View
    Bid Analysis Report in Subtotal Only View
  • FlexRFP - Buyer Side Auction Graph
    Buyer Side Auction Graph
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Windows 2000

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May 2013

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October 2011

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