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A global leader in supply chain management software, Manhattan Associates helps its customers forecast and manage demand in complex environments. Founded in 1990, the company has offices around the world and invests annually in research and development.

Manhattan's Transportation Management System (TMS) helps companies address transportation optimization problems, including multi-modal and multi-leg issues, related to international planning. It's also a fit for domestic contract carriers that need to optimize x-dock planning scenarios, as well as large retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers with dedicated fleets. Customers primarily include large shippers with high annual transportation budgets.

Manhattan TMS supports appointment scheduling, fleet management, logistics gateways and yard management. The transportation procurement tool automates best practices and standardizes the entire bid process. This simplifies the identification of best carriers for each lane and mode across a worldwide network, and helps ensure the best rates based on capabilities and capacity.

This system is available in both on-premise and Web-based versions.


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