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Propago is a web-based supply chain platform that’s designed to replace disparate and disconnected systems, automate manual processes, and allow companies more time to focus on growing their business. This modular solution offers standalone solutions for WMS and order fulfillment, as well as integrated applications for supply chain planning, demand planning, and procurement.

Propago’s WMS includes features beyond the standard pick, pack, and ship. It allows users to verify that physical products received match the anticipated receipt and purchase order. Shortages can be identified instantly, and the system can ensure products are aligned with the PO before they are ever received into inventory.

The Supply Chain Management application is a cloud-based production hub. Companies can coordinate workflow, identify and decrease waste, and simplify production cycles by bringing all of their processes into a single platform.

Other notable features include online marketing portals, detailed platform controls, web to print storefronts, and extensive analytics.


Propago - Propago Operations Dashboard
  • Propago - Propago Operations Dashboard
    Propago Operations Dashboard
  • Propago - Customer Configuration
    Customer Configuration
  • Propago - Order Search
    Order Search
  • Propago - Planning and Forecasting
    Planning and Forecasting
  • Propago - Planning and Forecasting Details
    Planning and Forecasting Details
  • Propago - Warehouse Window
    Warehouse Window
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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