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Avast Endpoint Protection Suite is an antivirus solution for businesses looking to protect both computers and file servers.  

Benefits of the system include a central management component, which comes in two variants: Small Office Administration, for basic networks and Enterprise Administration, for complex networks. The administrator can schedule scans, updates and tasks for when employees are away from their PCs, so productivity is not affected by maintenance requirements.

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite also provides businesses with constantly streaming antivirus updates, and utilizes data gathered from Avast’s threat detection network, which receives information gathered from millions of computers around the world.   

Avast Endpoint Protection Suite also goes beyond traditional, signature-based antivirus, and using Avast’s Behavior Shield analyzes processes that are running on systems for unusual behavior. Meanwhile, attacks can be isolated and contained in the virtual environment of the Avast Sandbox.

Available as an on-premise solution, Avast Endpoint Protection Suite is suited for Windows-based systems.


Avast Endpoint Protection Suite - Network shield
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite - Network shield
    Network shield
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite - Remote assistance
    Remote assistance
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite - Safezone
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite - Scan
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite - Shields
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite - Statistics
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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from dunnhumby
Specialty: Software/Technology
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Decent antivirus protection with few missing features



Product Quality

Product Quality


Likes Best

The best thing I like is their centralized Enterprise management console which can handle complex workstation structures and hierarchies prevalent in MNCs from a single location. It offers an assortment of reports which can easily be customized as per the business needs and can be configured to generate at a particular frequency.
Remote deployment of updates and patches is also possible which is an efficient way to keep all of the endpoints updated automatically whenever they connect to the business network.

Likes Least

Avast Endpoint protection suite does support only Windows PC and file servers. There is no support for Mac and Linux based workstations.Also, there is no support available for securing mobile devices which have become an integral part of today's business.


If you are a startup and expecting to scale up in near future, this might be a good option as it comes with 2 different consoles. So, you don't need to change your basic setup when moving to a complex hierarchy setup. But if your network has Linux servers or planning to have Linux servers, then you might to reconsider your choice of Avast endpoint protection suite as you have to buy a separate protection package for your Linux based file servers or email servers.

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