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ESET Endpoint Security is a business defense suite comprising multiple layers of protection for business systems. Core functionality includes anti-malware designed to detect threats and prevent infiltration of company networks, and a customizable, smart firewall that can be configured to block unauthorized access attempts.

Web filtering enables IT staff to control which websites employees can visit, enforcing compliance and boosting productivity. Email filtering includes protection against phishing attacks and spam, while encrypted communication scanning defends against stealth malware that may be hidden in compressed files or attempting to infiltrate networks through other channels.

ESET Endpoint Security also includes device control, which scans DVDs, CDs, USB sticks and external drives for malware, and can also block removable media, thus protecting against data loss.

Finally, ESET Endpoint Security comes with a remote management tool that delivers instant alerts and allows for security updates to be installed remotely. The Web-based console can be accessed anywhere, on any device.


ESET Endpoint Security - Remote administrator
  • ESET Endpoint Security - Remote administrator
    Remote administrator
  • ESET Endpoint Security - Threat overview
    Threat overview
  • ESET Endpoint Security - Set up
    Set up
  • ESET Endpoint Security - Running processes
    Running processes
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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