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ThisData is a cloud-based security solution suitable for small to midsize businesses in a variety of industries. Key features include real-time detection and notification of security breaches and preemptive measures to prevent account takeover.

ThisData uses anomaly detection, contextual information and machine learning to verify users' identities. The algorithm builds up profiles of trusted behaviors, locations and devices for users. This enables automated anomaly detection and the ability to verify users' identities at any time.

ThisData will automatically block access on high-risk logins or confirmed threats to prevent account takeover and security breaches. Users can run reports that expose shared user accounts and missed revenue.

ThisData is available with a monthly subscription with varied pricing based on the number of active users. The solution can be implemented without any configuration and is available worldwide.


ThisData - Audit log
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Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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