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Eventbrite is a web-based event management and ticketing platform that allows users to organize events and sell online tickets for events like charity programs, music festivals, conferences, among others. The product can be accessed through a native mobile app that can also scan printed tickets.

Eventbrite offers functionalities such as creating, tracking, promoting and analyzing events. The solution also allows users to customize the designs and registration pages of events on the basis of theme or the type of event.

The analytics module helps users analyze the success of events, and users can see areas in need of improvement.

Eventbrite can integrate with other marketing platforms, including MailChimp and HubSpot. It also provides customer support and a knowledge base for users. The solution is free to access and users are charged only after they have made a sale.


Eventbrite - Event creation
  • Eventbrite - Event creation
    Event creation
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    Summary dashboard
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    Mobile app
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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from María Fernández Sedeño
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Great for your free & paid events



Product Quality

Value for Money

Product Quality


Likes Best

It's really easy to use Eventbrite to set up your event tickets, and it's fast. One of its best features is that it can generate the tickets for you, so you don't need to create any PDF files for your attendees. They even offer QR integration. It's also great being able to download your attendee list and all the social features that they have integrated on the solution, that can help you make your event viral.

Likes Least

The personalization set up screen is not so user friendly, so sometimes you need to add some extra work time with HTML or working with different images sizes in order to make your event look as you want it to look. It's not so intuitive. Also you need to be careful with their pricing on paid events so you don't lose your profits.


Try it for free at the beginning and get to know the tool, that's great from Eventbrite, you can try with a free event and see how it works!

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