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ACESoft is a practice management solution designed for veterinarians. It helps users to manage both operational as well as clinical aspects of their practices. The software is deployed on-premise and runs on Windows operating systems.

ACESoft features a patient module which allows users to capture patient data, contacts, medical charts and documentation. When a chart is created, users can add patient notes including diagnosis and treatment plans. The medical record also includes animal condition, procedure selection, intake dates and patient invoices.

ACESoft offers a prescription management module that allows practitioners to record provider details, treatment dates, expiration dates and refills. Once a prescription is created, users can print or email the document to the patient. Procedure forms allow users to record procedures and associated costs.

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ACESoft Business Manager - Accounting module
  • ACESoft Business Manager - Accounting module
    Accounting module
  • ACESoft Business Manager - Appointment scheduling
    Appointment scheduling
  • ACESoft Business Manager - Contacts list
    Contacts list
  • ACESoft Business Manager - Customizable dialog tables
    Customizable dialog tables
  • ACESoft Business Manager - Notifications management
    Notifications management
  • ACESoft Business Manager - Quality manager
    Quality manager
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10

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