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What is Fintainium?

Fintainium is a cloud-based platform built for businesses looking for a comprehensive accounts payable, accounts receivable, and consumer payment solution. The Fintainium Payment Hub consists of payment, invoice, and business intelligence tools that can help businesses automate accounting tasks. This solution is designed to reduce the need for outdated paper-based processes and intends to help businesses increase efficiency. Fintainium allows accounting teams to monitor outstanding invoices and set up customized payment options based on vendor details. The platform supports multiple payment types such as ACH credits/debits, wire transfers, checks, single-use cards, plus more. Additional features include business analytics tools such as customized dashboards, real-... read more

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Fintainium home page
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How easy is Fintainium to use and deploy?

Fintainium supports Cloud Based deployment options, including: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based.

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