Top FreshBooks Competitors:
The Best FreshBooks Alternatives for Your Business

Create a shortlist of small business accounting software platforms, and FreshBooks will undoubtedly be on it. Since launching in 2003, over 10 million people—many of them small business owners—have used this cloud-based system to track billable hours, capture expenses and enable online invoicing and payment.

FreshBooks features standardized reports, available at the click of a button. It also integrates with popular payroll, CRM and project management solutions for ultimate organizational control and financial insight. In reviews posted on Software Advice, users praise FreshBooks’ clean interface, affordability and responsive customer service.

That said, FreshBooks isn’t the perfect solution for everyone. Whether you found the system to be lacking, or are just looking to see what else is out there, you’re in the market for FreshBooks alternatives. We’re here to deliver.

Below you’ll find five FreshBooks alternatives to handle your small business accounting needs, divided into two categories:

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Let’s take a look at these comparable solutions.

Most Asked-About FreshBooks Alternatives

For this first category of FreshBooks alternatives, we’re looking at the top three products that are searched most often in comparison with FreshBooks (e.g., “FreshBooks vs QuickBooks”).

Note: You can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.

QuickBooks Online

Not surprisingly, QuickBooks Online is our most asked-about FreshBooks alternative. Like FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting system for small businesses that allows users to track income and expenses, generate invoices and enable online billing.

Both products feature multiple pricing tiers, charged monthly, that differ slightly: FreshBooks pricing is based on the number of billable clients, while QuickBooks Online charges more for additional functionality such as inventory tracking and 1099 preparation. Depending on your business, one pricing option may be better for you than the other.

In reviews on Software Advice, QuickBooks Online users praise the system’s quick reporting capabilities but don’t like that the platform lacks functionality found on QuickBooks’ desktop product.

See a more detailed breakdown of FreshBooks versus QuickBooks Online here.


Our next most asked-about FreshBooks alternative is Xero, another cloud-based platform designed for small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers.

Along with billing and invoicing, Xero offers budgeting functionality. With Xero, users can even run payroll for up to 10 employees—a helpful inclusion for small business owners looking to integrate some of their accounting and HR needs in one system.

Nearly unanimously, Xero users love the system’s ease of use. One reviewer writes, “I believe even my grandmother would be able to understand and figure it out.” But, if time tracking is a must-have, you’ll need to look elsewhere, as Xero doesn’t include it as a feature.

See a more detailed breakdown of FreshBooks versus Xero here.


The final most asked-about FreshBooks alternative on our list is Wave. Wave includes invoicing, billing, payments and payroll functionality, and even goes one step further with a personal finance management tool that features real-time investment tracking.

Also noteworthy is that Wave’s invoicing, accounting and personal finance tools are completely free thanks to partnerships with companies such as American Express and Dell. This no doubt helps the platform’s popularity.

Wave users say the platform’s mobile app is great for things such as on-the-go invoicing, but some reviews say integration and data migration from other systems isn’t always smooth.

Top User-Rated FreshBooks Competitors

For this last category of FreshBooks alternatives, we looked through the reviews data for hundreds of accounting systems on Software Advice to determine two products similar to FreshBooks that were rated the best. Products identified as Most Asked-About FreshBooks alternatives from the previous section were omitted.

Note: You can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.


If you’re looking for something a little more robust than FreshBooks, Intacct is a great top-rated alternative to consider. Along with core accounting, time tracking, expense management and online billing functionality, Intacct includes more advanced tools such as revenue management, project accounting and inventory management. It also supports multiple currencies for businesses that operate internationally.

Another selling point is its customization. Many small business accounting platforms have limited options for personalization, but Intacct allows users to customize project accounting processes, user permissions for internal and external stakeholders and even individual dashboards. This enables department managers, accountants and otherwise to see important financial figures at a glance.

Intacct users on Software Advice say the system is easy to use, highly customizable and comes with top-notch support. However, some users do knock the system’s setup process as being a bit clunky.


Our final top user-rated FreshBooks competitor, BillQuick, is another more advanced system. This platform from BQE Software is available as either a self-hosted or cloud-based accounting system, and features tools for time and expense tracking, billing, project management and more.

BillQuick includes more than 500 standardized reports and optional add-on modules for capabilities such as workflow automation and Microsoft Outlook integration.

BillQuick users on Software Advice say BQE offers excellent support and that the software is flexible depending on your needs, i.e., the platform handles basic needs well but has more robust functionality if you want it. Some users say the system has a few bugs, however, including some downloaded reports occasionally missing data.

Next Steps

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