ArrowBooks software

1 reviews(4.5/5)
1 reviews(4.5/5)

ArrowBooks provides today's small businesses with an accounting solution that offers features like bank accounts, invoicing, inventory management, accounts payable or receivable, business reports and more. It helps users handle Point of Sale (POS), inventory and reporting. Users can receive payments from customers in cash, by check or by credit card directly in ArrowBooks so they do not have to enter data twice. Unpaid balances are maintained in the AR for tracking.

ArrowBooks allows users to manage inventory levels with the Inventory Reorder screen, which creates purchase orders when stock runs low. Users can pay bills with ArrowBooks Accounts Payable function, where users can make full or partial payments, print checks and maintain vendor information including cost reports. The payment and banking activities are stored in the bank register, with a manual entry function to add handwritten checks.

ArrowBooks provides reporting function with Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger and other customized reports on customers, business expenses and inventory. It is suitable for industry verticals including retail, maintenance, landscape, non-profits and more.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP , Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 2000

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  • Gayle from Lane Properties of New Mexico LLC

    June 2011


    As a small business owner I find ArrowBooks a very simple, intuitive and powerful tool that lets me keep on top of my finances with minimal effort. I can't imagine what I did before!!

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