Top Intacct Competitors:
The Best Alternatives for Your Business

Intacct is a cloud-based business accounting software system designed for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). It is a robust system suited for multiple needs and industries, with core financial functions alongside additional, optional modules for capabilities such as inventory management, project accounting and contract revenue management.

Some of the applications that Intacct supports include:

  • Core accounting
  • Time and expenses
  • Order and billing management
  • Purchasing
  • Global consolidations
  • Multicurrency management
  • Financial reporting

Because Intacct is cloud-based, it is available anywhere with internet access, does not require any additional IT infrastructure and is updated and secured by the vendor itself.

Some of the top reasons our reviewers tend to like Intacct are its ease-of-use, flexibility and the ability to customize the platform to an individual business’s needs.

Although Intacct is a popular and widely-used option for business accounting software, you may feel there is a better fit for your needs. For example, maybe you’d prefer a system that is deployed on-premise or one that is more specific to your industry. To help, we’ve put together this list of alternatives to Intacct to help you choose your best option.

We’ve divided the top Intacct competitors into two distinct categories:

Note: You can learn more about our Alternatives methodology here.

Most Asked-About Intacct Alternatives

The following two products are most searched for alongside Intacct in online searches.


NetSuite is, like Intacct, a system designed to work across a wide variety of different industries.

However, while Intacct is focused on financial accounting, Netsuite is a broader business management suite, with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions, among others.

NetSuite’s accounting application is found within the larger ERP module, and it offers the following features:

NetSuite is cloud-based and can be accessed via internet browser or mobile device, with no need for on-site hardware or software. Both the security controls of the suite itself, as well as NetSuite’s secure data center, help to ensure data security.

Much like Intacct, NetSuite is a robust system, and the two are frequently compared to one another (You can check out our own side-by-side comparison here).

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the accounting software giant’s platform that is specifically geared toward SMBs (as opposed to QuickBooks Enterprise, which is suited for much larger businesses). Like Intacct and NetSuite, it is a cloud-based platform for business accounting.

QuickBooks, however, is a far more specific program that offers focused SMB accounting solutions. It would be a better fit for small businesses looking for basic features, without the advanced functionalities offered by Intacct.

Key features offered by QuickBooks online include:

  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Tracking income and expenses
  • Managing and paying bills
  • Drafting invoices
  • Monitoring financial reports

The software will allow you to download credit card transactions and assist you in reconciling them. It will also help you organize timesheets and bank deposits, take/store photos of bills and regularly track expenses.

These features are offered in three different packages, which offer more functionality, additional users and a greater maximum number of reports as they scale up in size and price.

Top User-Rated Intacct Competitors

The next three Intacct competitors have been identified through an analysis of Software Advice’s user reviews. Using this data, we rank products based on their average overall star-rating (out of a possible five).

For comparison, Intacct has an average rating of 4.2, at the time of writing.

Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights is slightly less powerful than Intacct, focusing on a smaller range of functionalities. The platform offers:

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting and analysis

It also allows you to build dashboards and perform basic financial administrative tasks.

One of Adaptive Insights’ key features is its simplicity. According to one of our reviewers, “The product is easy to use, scalable, customizable and easy to navigate within.”

Its interface design is similar to Excel, capitalizing on employees’ familiarity with that program, and like Intacct it is cloud-based.

While Intacct’s primary offering is core financials, Adaptive Insights is specialized more for budgeting and forecasting solutions. It caters to service businesses, health care, manufacturing, nonprofit organizations and software companies.


BillQuick offers comprehensive business accounting, project management and business intelligence, including functions such as time and expense tracking, accounts receivable, accounts payable, invoicing and reporting.

Like Intacct, BillQuick has a variety of functionality options that can be customized to your business’ needs. It differs from Intacct in regard to deployment. While Intacct is solely cloud-based, you can get BillQuick as a cloud subscription, or you can self-host, depending upon your needs and IT capabilities.

It can be customized to a variety of different industries, including construction, architecture, engineering, accounting, consulting, graphic design and interior design.

One of our reviewers opined, “I like the option to customize the system to fit your needs and the creation of different reports.” BillQuick will also integrate with third-party accounting software to complement a company's existing accounting program.

Our reviewers especially like BillQuick’s customer service, with one reviewer saying, “The support is truly the best I have ever encountered for a software vendor.”


Wave is more narrowly focused in its functionality than Intacct. While Intacct supports a whole suite of business accounting applications for businesses of different sizes, Wave is focused on managing transactions, such as invoices, billing, payments, payroll, personal finance and receipts. Like Intacct, Wave is a cloud-based solution.

It’s free to use, because other businesses pay to advertise to the system’s users. Users can pay to add additional features as needed, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Wave is designed exclusively for smaller organizations (freelancers, contractors and small business owners with ten or fewer employees and less than $5 million annual revenue). It is especially suited to those just getting started with accounting software.

As one reviewer says, “I'm completely new to accounting as an individual, and this software was great to invoice and keep track of my spending.”

Wave will allow you to create invoices and capture and process credit card payments, as well as generate reports such as balance sheets, sales tax reports and accounts receivable and payable.

Next Steps

Business accounting vendors provide multiple applications for a variety of different business needs, sizes and industries, so you want to be sure that the system you choose is the best fit for your company. Although Intacct offers many benefits, it is a good idea to check out other options and consider which one best aligns with your own needs.

If you’d like to see more options, check out even more Intacct alternatives in our Business Accounting Software Buyer’s Guide.

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