Infor CloudSuite™ Financials & Supply Management Software

Infor CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management is a solution suite that provides financial functionality coupled with a source-to-settle supply management offering. The solution is role-based, mobile responsive and delivered in the cloud. It delivers financial management capabilities to gather, organize, manage and analyze financial data.

Infor CloudSuite Supply Management is a source-to-settle solution that gives visibility into indirect spend and helps identify opportunities to control it by increasing compliance and leverage with suppliers.

When deployed together, CloudSuite Financials & Supply Management provide a real-time view of user workflows. It’s suitable for midsize to large businesses in several industries, including banking, nonprofit, oil and gas and retail.

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January 2016

Peter from TouchstoneEnergy


4.5 of 5

Customer support

5 of 5


4.5 of 5

January 2016

I have used INFOR SunSystems for than 20yrs


SunSystems has brilliant analytical and multi-currency capabilities - the system is designed by accountants for accountants. SunSystems has superb information management and reporting with dynamic access to information (upload and download) using spreadsheet with full control, audit and user management.


We wish it had a fully integrated eProcurement suite. It has basic Purchasing, but not it best feature. Some improvements are required for inter-company transaction processing, but otherwise "it does what it says on the tin"