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If your website caters to a business audience, you can monetize your website traffic and provide additional value to your users by becoming a Software Advice affiliate partner.

Allow your visitors to request information on software products, compare price quotes or receive a free consultation with a software expert ... without ever leaving your website! When we match potential software buyers with suitable software products, we'll share a percentage of the revenue generated.

Software Advice is a free online resource for enterprise software buyers - like a Consumer Reports for business software. We help business owners make better informed decisions on their software purchase by providing rich educational content and free telephone consultations with our experts. Business owners praise us for helping them wade through the large number of options in confusing software markets.

Rest assured that your referrals are always in good hands at Software Advice. We have been helping business owners with their software selection since 2006 and have helped over 250,000 organizations to date. Our software experts provide great advice to our visitors and yours. Meanwhile, our extensive software vendors relationships means we all make money in the process.

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It's easy to get started. As soon as you are accepted into the program you will be given access to our full Partner Portal where you can build the forms, links and other premium content to place on your website. We provide many easy-to-integrate options that will allow you to go live and start earning commissions right away. Contact our Partner Development Manager to get started today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to earn? The amount of revenue generated per qualified lead depends on the industry and the size of the potential software buyer. We consistently generate more revenue for partners than alternative partners or ad networks.

How will I be paid? We will pay you monthly. All commissions accrued over the month will be paid out on the 15th of the following calendar month for all payments above $50. Any payments below $50 will be rolled over to the following month and paid out in full once you reach the $50 threshold. You can elect to be paid by check or direct deposit.

What makes enterprise software so interesting? Worldwide enterprise software spending rose 8.5% in 2019 to $453 billion. Enterprise applications consistently rank as one of the top technology priorities among businesses large and small. Even in down economies, businesses invest in software to improve efficiency and effectiveness. [source: Gartner (January 2020)]

What is a typical "sale cycle" like? Potential software buyers complete a registration form (on our website or yours) to request more information about a specific product or to download a whitepaper or other resource. Once we receive your referral we immediately start working to connect with this potential buyer. We are usually able to make recommendations the same day, and almost always within the same week. We also employ "lead nurturing" in an effort to connect with buyers that are on a longer time frame.

How does Software Advice track my referrals? We have an advanced tracking system that tracks all form submissions, from our website or yours, through your unique Partner ID. An automated system tracks each referral's activity and attributes it to you. You will have detailed insight into this activity at any time through our Partner Portal. PLEASE NOTE: It is critical that all links pointing from your websites to www.softwareadvice.com include the rel="nofollow" attribute. As an affiliate partner, we will have a commercial relationship and it is therefore important that your links do not pass Page Rank to our website.

How is a B2B affiliate marketing program different from other offers to provide value and serve your audience and generate money online? An affiliate, sometimes called a publisher, associate, or partner, is an internet marketer who advertises products and services in exchange for commissions. This is a type of performance marketing where the affiliate generates income on a pay per click (PPC), pay per lead (CPL), or pay per sale (CPA) basis. The best affiliate programs offer products and services that are relevant to the website audience. The business to business, or B2B, affiliate marketer caters to a niche business audience with products and services that are useful for businesses (such as business software) in contrast to business to consumer, or B2C, programs which target consumers (such as credit card or travel). B2B affiliate programs are often some of the top paying as these products and services generally offer the highest commissions as an easy way to make money online.