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0 reviews(0.0/5)

Skaffolder is a platform that helps developers to create software prototypes. 

Skaffolder allows users to generate frontend and backend code in multiple languages such as AngularJS, Angular 4, Express NodeJS, Java Spring Boot and Slim PHP through a graphical interface. Users can also define APIs, data models and pages of their web applications with a visual interface.

Skaffolder allows users to manage security roles using JSON web tokens and run scripts on servers or trigger Jenkins jobs. The solution also features built-in frontend templates for Angular 4 and Angular JS and backend templates for Java, NodeJS, and PHP. The web applications can be deployed on users' servers or an external URL provided by the solution.

Services are available on different plans including one time use plans, monthly subscription or yearly subscirptions.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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