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Centius Qi is a cloud-based business intelligence solution, suitable for companies across industries. It required only web-browser to run the software, no installation required. The solution combines enterprise BI with visualization and predictive analysis (based on R programming language) which enables business users to see the visual representation of data.

Users can generate reports, create various type of charts and manage dashboards within the client interface. Users without any previous IT knowledge or experience can also run this software.

Each user has their own unique profile which can be limited based on access rights and tailored to include only the features they need.Centius Qi is suitable for business professionals looking for the tools to gather and analyze data, then leverage that to support their decisions.


Centius Qi - Drillable pivot table with formulas
  • Centius Qi - Drillable pivot table with formulas
    Drillable pivot table with formulas
  • Centius Qi - Advanced visualization
    Advanced visualization
  • Centius Qi - Dynamic clickable charts
    Dynamic clickable charts
  • Centius Qi - Integrated R-graphs and statistics
    Integrated R-graphs and statistics
  • Centius Qi - Drill-through tree map
    Drill-through tree map
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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June 2011

June 2011

Great product with excellent user interface

Product Quality

Product Quality

I loved the user interface. It is simple and clean WSYWIG (What you see is what you get) interface. More importantly, it is intuitive and uses Flash to generate interesting ways to look at your data. Why is Flash important, you ask? Well, I am a firm believer that, with the growth of consumer technology, visual media is going to play an increasingly important role in business situations. Pie charts and bar charts are old hat, now. Rich visual representation of data using latest technologies, whether in a business or consumer context is essential. As a business user, you can drag and drop data elements to create interesting visual representations of your data.


Great product with excellent user interface


Third party integration could have been better

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