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Farseer is a cloud-based business planning, modeling and forecasting solution. It is particularly suited to startups and small companies, and offers tools to help  users analyze business data and generate reports.

Farseer helps organizations to manage business processes, synchronize actions and consolidate results for export. It offers a cluster and flow data modeling feature that allows users to break their large databases into small data modules and view them individually. The solution is designed to suit a multi-user environment and supports features like user-access permission controls and administrative privileges to grant or restrict users from specific activities.

Farseer uses SSOT technology to replicate changes made within a dataset to the entire system in real time. Additionally, it also offers drill-down capabilities, hierarchical modeling, granulated control and mistake flagging features.

Farseer is available on a per user per month subscription basis that includes customer support via phone, email and online webinars.


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    Task status
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    Budget reporting
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    User acquisition reporting
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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