Before! Predictive Analytics Software

ACTOR’s Before! software application solution for inventory replenishment optimization starts with a highly accurate demand forecast that minimizes forecasting error.  This software produces a model that is able to quickly pick up seasonal trends, promotional effects, new items, deal with complex influencing factors and learn from complete sales histories. The replenishment model is based on an accurate forecast of future demand for each individual product and store location that improves the efficiency of the DC operations, optimizing stock level and reducing stock out in the entire supply chain. The ACTOR  solution can simulate various replenishment scenarios. Considering high-level KPIs such as write-off rate and out-of-stock rate, it furthermore calculates and optimizes re-order amounts to correctly control the stock and can be executed without manual oversight or intervention. It has native embedded  “R” type models, based on Predictive Analytics; Statistics, Learning Machines – AI type – providing optimized strategies for cost-cutting.  

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