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Over the past decade, V12 Group has been providing marketers with data and technology solutions to increase their customer base. In 2013, they introduced Launchpad, their web-based marketing automation platform. Launchpad helps direct marketers focus their outreach using acquisition data. Users can select their targeted audience based on demographics, lifestyle, and behaviors and then reach them through multiple media channels.

Launchpad is unique in itself because it can offer customer acquisition and CRM capabilities. It streamlines the marketing process, so users are able to execute campaigns across different channels, all while having a complete visibility over their customer messaging and interactions. Launchpad reaches prospects via direct mail, email, online, social, and mobile. All marketing efforts are centralized to a single platform.

By relying on their experience in data marketing, V12 Group was able to design Launchpad’s features so that they utilize the most relevant information about an audience. Their data analytics package is extremely helpful in finding hidden patterns, identifying segments, and determining the best mix of appealing products. Their Report Center gives users access to powerful reporting tools that work in real-time and Data Visualization dashboards paint a clear picture of what’s working. This piece integrated with Microsoft BI solutions.

Since it’s web-based, Launchpad is scalable and quick to be up and running. Their on-boarding process is simple and the solution is user-friendly. Launchpad is hosted on a private cloud and is powered by the V12 Group data warehouse, so users can trust that their information is secure.


Launchpad - Customer profile application
  • Launchpad - Customer profile application
    Customer profile application
  • Launchpad - Data enhancement attributes
    Data enhancement attributes
  • Launchpad - Data visualization tool
    Data visualization tool
  • Launchpad - Display advertising audience selector
    Display advertising audience selector
  • Launchpad - Email marketing
    Email marketing
  • Launchpad - Report center stats
    Report center stats
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Denny from Off BEET Productions
Specialty: Hospitality / Travel

August 2014

August 2014

Great marketing platform for everything you need at your fingertips!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

The platform is really easy to use, and I am able to do my email marketing, display advertisements, and use mobile messaging all in one shot. I also like that you can market to your current customer lists, and you can use the lead builder tool to find new customers.

Likes Least

There is nothing that I don't like about Launchpad.


If you're looking for a platform that is essentially a one-stop shop for marketing, you'll find it here. You can do all your marketing (email, social, mobile, etc.) to your current customer lists, and you can also use Launchpad's lead builder to find new customers.