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CoCentrix Coordinated Care Platform (CoCentrixccp) from CoCENTRIX is an enterprise human service platform for consumer-centric coordinated care facilities. Available as both an on-premise and cloud-based solution, CoCentrix is deployed within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform and is ONC-ATCB, ICD-10 and DSM-5 compliant.

Features include an electronic health record (EHR) and case management, managed care and consumer applications. Together, these features allow clients to integrate clinical patient information across multiple agencies and providers to manage both services and funds. Other features include billing and receivables, reporting and analytics, document management, alerts, notifications and scheduling. The scheduling and registration feature allows patients to view available slots and book appointments with physicians.

CareTiles, CoCentrixccp’s mobile application suite, enables agencies and patients to access necessary information via their mobile devices. Pricing is both one-time and subscription based. Users have to pay additional for drug formula checks and e-prescription facility.


CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform - Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform - Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform - Case management
    Case management
  • CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform - Individual care plans
    Individual care plans
  • CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform - Managed care solutions
    Managed care solutions
  • CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform - CareTiles
  • CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform - Dedicated patient care plans
    Dedicated patient care plans
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000, Windows 8

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Donna from Mississippi Adolescent Center
Specialty: Mental & behavioral health

April 2015

April 2015

True Care through CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Working with CoCENTRIX and the Coordinated Care Platform is a very positive experience. At the Mississippi Adolescent Center we utilize the CCP as a tool to provide programming, track progress and to make program revisions as needed for our population. Eighty-six percent of the population we serve is Autistic. The CCP allows my staff to utilize Mozzaz Care with his group and encourage communication. Through its interaction with the CCP staff can immediately record responses, frequency, and individual preferences. Through the use of this tool we can make programmatic adjustments quicker and thus provide more targeted programming for our clientele. If there is ever a problem with the program, technical support is quick to respond and resolve the issue. Through the Coordinated Care Platform we can provide "True Care" for those who need it most.

Likes Least

Working with this vendor and product are easy. Training was great and hope that as we continue to develop and customize the program we can receive additional training.


I would encourage any service provider to evaluate the program. It is easily adaptable to individual needs.