Ecora Patch Manager Software


Ecora Patch Manager is Windows-based software that helps organizations automate system discovery, patch installation on servers and workstations and patch assessment. It features rapid scan, wake-on-LAN, optional agent, alerting, a repository manager and international language support.

With Ecora Patch Manager, users can install Windows applications that Microsoft supports. Patch-status summary reports provide information on what systems are missing any patches for servers, workstations and system groups. Users can set triggers to check if scans failed.

Ecora Patch Manager’s repository manager allows users to automatically patch downloads to repositories to the enterprise. It also allows users to automate patch roll backs if any conflicts arise due to patch installations.


Ecora Patch Manager - Computer inventory report
  • Ecora Patch Manager - Computer inventory report
    Computer inventory report
  • Ecora Patch Manager - Patch signature report
    Patch signature report
  • Ecora Patch Manager - Patch status summary
    Patch status summary
  • Ecora Patch Manager - Policy compliance report
    Policy compliance report
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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