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VMS Singapore is a cloud-based visitor management solution that provides visitor details on a real-time basis.

The solution supports RFID and barcode readers as well as badge printers, and can be used in various facilities such as schools, hospitals, offices and hotels. Key features include visitor registration, screening of visitor details, badge printing, sending alerts to hosts, time tracking and more.

VMS Singapore can also integrate with existing physical access systems, such as turnstile barriers, biometric scanners or RFID scanners. Users can require passwords, fingerprints, face recognition or combination of these before providing access to visitors. The solution maintains an internal watch list of blacklisted visitors to deny and restrict their entry. A reporting tool allows businesses to retrieve visitation information for specified periods of time.

VMS Singapore is available with a perpetual license fee and provides support via phone and email.


VMS Singapore - Visitor dashboard
  • VMS Singapore - Visitor dashboard
    Visitor dashboard
  • VMS Singapore - Configure messaging
    Configure messaging
  • VMS Singapore - Registration summary
    Registration summary
  • VMS Singapore - Visitor information
    Visitor information
  • VMS Singapore - Visitation policy
    Visitation policy
  • VMS Singapore - Select visitor type
    Select visitor type
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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