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For the past 13 years, Datric has been helping B2B organizations process and analyze data into metrics that can be used to identify opportunities and applied to target goals. Their Agile Data Suite (ADS) delivers data integration and management solutions by creating a common view and language that can be easily understood and interpreted on both sides, business professionals and IT staff. ADS is offers stand-alone functionality for all applications; dashboards and scoreboards, data warehousing, data mining and analytics, ETL, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Query and report writing, performance management, semantics and mining. Available as either a SaaS subscription or an on-premise appliance, companies can choose which is best for their needs. Datric focuses their system on providing a common understanding of data that is linked through an abstraction layer and can be utilized across the company. Metadata definitions are stored for users universally, benefitting multiple teams, from multiple perspectives. We like how ADS comes complete with a library of predefined content containing 4000 terms and 300 documents covering business areas and processes. Datric’s Agile Data Suite combines user-friendly features with robust functionality to satisfy the needs of everyone relying on the system to view and manage company metrics. Users have the most relevant information conveniently at their fingertips to make stronger assessments, execute projects faster, and recognize results faster. If you’re in the market for a BI system to streamline information across your company, Agile Data Suite should be added to your shortlist of systems to review.


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