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About Conversionomics

Conversionomics is an efficient data aggregation tool that offers a simple user interface that makes it easy to quickly build data API sources. From those sources, users can create interactive dashboards and reports using Conversionomics' templates and data visualization tools. Increase the rate analysts find trends and deliver insights with all data visualized in one convenient dashboard. Conversionomics works well with Google Analytics, Search Console, Sheets, AdWords, BigQuery, Facebook, Bing, Email, or users' own sources. ...

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We will find the pricing tier best suited for your business. If you don't like faster data preparation and simplified querying, all good, you don't have to talk to us ever again. But we have a feeling once you realize how much time you're saving, you won't want to go back!

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$250.00 per month

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Easily connect to unlimited API's with our built-in connectors

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Company size: 10,000+ employees

Industry: Hospitality

Time used: Less than 2 years

Review Source: Capterra



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August 2021

Conversionomics quickly connected our disparate, legacy sources, while democratizing relational data

So far, excellent. Conversionomics has enabled our organization to connect the dots in a way we never have been able to before. Our marketing attribution has improved massively, and the perspective we've gained is invaluable.


Conversionomics makes connecting disparate data sources quick, easy, and automated. The automation tab in the tool allows me to have a quick glance at all of my sources to ensure my stakeholders are able to see their data each morning. The query building tool allows me to hire analysts and let them focus on what's important - insights and action - instead of tedious coding projects.


Conversionomics is not without its growing pains - from time to time a page will require a refresh as new features are constantly being pushed out. As more users provide feedback, I presume the UI will improve.

Reasons for choosing Conversionomics

Conversionomics hit the sweet spot of value, customer service accessibility, and functionality. It accomplishes everything we need at a fraction of the cost of the bigger companies, with the added benefit of an incredibly quick onboarding process.