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Showing 1 - 149 of 149 products
Showing 1 - 149 of 149 products

Mozart Data

Mozart Data is the quickest and easiest way to set up a modern data stack. We provide a single platform to gather all your data in a data warehouse and prepare it for analysis. Instead of spending months and thousands of dollars...Read more

5.00 (3 reviews)

15 recommendations

Dundas BI

Dundas BI, from Dundas Data Visualization, is a browser-based business intelligence and data visualization platform that includes integrated dashboards, reporting tools, and data analytics. It provides end users the ability to cre...Read more

No reviews yet

12 recommendations


Domo is a cloud-based business intelligence suite and collaboration platform that provides real-time visualizations of company and project-specific data across multiple business units. ...Read more

11 recommendations


Conversionomics is an efficient data aggregation tool that offers a simple user interface that makes it easy to quickly build data API sources. From those sources, users can create interactive dashboards and reports using Conversi...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)

8 recommendations


Grow is a cloud-based, business analytics and reporting solution suitable for small to midsize organizations. The solution allows users to create customizable dashboards for monitoring business workflows and key activities. Grow...Read more

5 recommendations

Toucan Toco

Toucan Toco is a fully cloud-based, end-to-end analytics platform built with one goal in mind: destroy the friction that exists between people and data. The Toucan team has worked from day one to make every experience on the pla...Read more

5.00 (7 reviews)

4 recommendations

Sigma Computing

Sigma is the business intelligence and analytics solution that allows everyone in your organization, not just analysts, to ask questions and find answers using data. Instant, guided access to the cloud data warehouse enables teams...Read more

4.23 (77 reviews)

3 recommendations


Sisense is an agile business intelligence (BI) solution that provides advanced tools to manage and support business data with analytics, visuals and reporting. The solution allows businesses to analyze big and disparate datasets a...Read more

1 recommendations


Incorta is a unified data analytics platform that provides a true self-service data experience. The software enables organizations to quickly and accurately make decisions based on vast easy to digest data sets. Incorta is a ...Read more

No reviews yet

1 recommendations


Tableau is an integrated business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution that helps to analyze key business data and generate meaningful insights. The solution helps businesses to collect data from multiple source points such as...Read more

Google Cloud Platform

Featuring G-Suite and GCP, Google Cloud is a platform that provides a reliable and easy-to-use set of solutions that can be used to tackle the toughest challenges in any type of industry. It provides secure storage options, integr...Read more

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a web-based business analytics and data visualization platform that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It monitors important organizational data and also from all apps used by organizations. Microsoft P...Read more


XLSTAT provides a multitude of functionality to help companies generate analysis from data according to needs. It works through an integration with Microsoft Excel and is accessible in the form of a drop-down menu. Businesses can ...Read more


Minitab is a cloud-based statistical tool designed to help small to large organizations across various verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy, automotive or non-profit discover market trends, predict patterns and visu...Read more

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a cloud-based reporting and business intelligence solution that offers several applications within its suite, including dashboards, analysis, reporting, data warehousing and more. This solution is used in multipl...Read more

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a business intelligence (BI) and visual analytics platform that supports a range of analytic use cases. Built on Qlik’s unique Associative Engine, it supports a full range of users and use-cases across the life-cycle...Read more


ibi is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that offers analytical tools, applications, reports and documents for business stakeholders such as management teams, analysts, line-of-business workers, partn...Read more


TapClicks is a smart marketing cloud-based set of automated marketing solutions designed to work in unison, powered by your data. We make the complex world of marketing easy with everything a business needs to differentiate itself...Read more


Klipfolio is a modern, lightweight business intelligence application used by thousands of business leaders and their teams to make better decisions with more confidence. Customers range from growing 25 person startups to fast-mov...Read more


OriginPro is a cloud-based data analysis and graphing solution, which assists academic institutions, government organizations, non-profits or businesses with data exploration and provides tools for peak fitting, surface fitting, s...Read more


Stata is a statistical analysis solution designed to help businesses streamline data analysis, manipulation, visualization and management. It allows businesses to create, merge, sort, and merge multiple datasets, import/export dat...Read more

Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica is a technical computing solution that provides businesses of all sizes with tools for image processing, data visualization and theoretic experiments. The notebook interface enables users to organize documents ...Read more

Splunk Enterprise

The Splunk Enterprise platform allows users to process and index most forms of data in their native format. It includes data indexing tools, which enable users to locate specific data across large data sets. The software is d...Read more


ClicData is a business intelligence (BI) dashboard solution designed for use primarily by small and midsized businesses. The tool enables end users to create reports and dashboards. A drag-and-drop interface designed for ease...Read more

Phocas Analytics

Phocas is a team of passionate professionals who are committed to helping people feel good about their data. Our software brings together organizations’ most useful data from an ERP and other business systems and presents it in a ...Read more

4.80 (96 reviews)


Mixpanel is a product analytics solution that helps businesses gain insights into audience behavior and track customer journeys. It enables managers to convert leads into customers, generate custom reports, build funnels, view top...Read more

4.45 (93 reviews)


STRATWs ONE is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with tools to manage projects and track organizational performance on a centralized platform. Professionals can create action plans, monitor the due dates of tasks and...Read more

4.50 (92 reviews)


Mode is a cloud-based collaborative analytics platform that helps users manage and create fresh data, perform ad hoc analysis and review critical business segments with custom reports. Features of Mode include R analysis, bui...Read more

4.60 (83 reviews)


HighBond by Galvanize is a comprehensive GRC solution. It is a suite of products that includes RiskBond, ComplianceBond, AuditBond, PolicyBond, plus others. With the RiskBond application, organizations can access integrated risk m...Read more

4.46 (76 reviews)

Alteryx Designer

Alteryx is the launchpad for automation breakthroughs. Be it your personal growth, achieving transformative digital outcomes, or rapid innovation, the results are unparalleled. The unique innovation that converges analytics, ...Read more

4.74 (74 reviews)


Cluvio is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution that enables businesses to analyze data through a dashboard. The solution helps in running queries, filtering results, and displaying data via graphs and charts....Read more

4.50 (72 reviews)


Holistics is a cloud based business intelligence (BI) application with integrated data reporting and preparation tools. The application works in a SQL-based environment and allows businesses to connect multiple SQL databases, run ...Read more

4.61 (62 reviews)

Exago BI

Exago BI is a web-based solution that’s designed to be embedded in web-based applications. Embedding Exago BI allows SaaS companies of all sizes to provide their customers with self-service ad hoc, operational reporting, and inter...Read more

4.64 (58 reviews)


Hexowatch is a business intelligence (BI) software that helps enterprises leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to monitor websites and receive automated alerts about visual, content, source code, technology, availabili...Read more

4.78 (58 reviews)


Entrinsik Informer is a business intelligence tool that is designed for business and IT professionals. Key features include a dashboard, data scheduling and analysis and report generation. Entrinsik Informer allows users to e...Read more

4.82 (56 reviews)

MicroStrategy Analytics

The MicroStrategy analytics platform is a cloud-based and on-premise self-service business intelligence platform that supports both data mining and visualization. The platform can be implemented on a gradual and as-needed basis, s...Read more

4.21 (48 reviews)


JMP is an on-premise data analytics solution that helps scientists, engineers and data explorers understand complex data relationships and visualize them via interactive dashboards. The data acquisition and cleanup functionalities...Read more

4.61 (41 reviews)

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) platform that provides self-service analytics tools for businesses. It can be embedded directly into the applications that employees use every day. Key features include a dashboard, d...Read more

4.20 (40 reviews)


iDashboards provides easy-to-use, visually appealing, and cost-effective data visualization software for clients in a wide variety of industries. Our Enterprise Success Platform easily integrates with key data sources and users ca...Read more

4.56 (39 reviews)


Chartio is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that provides founders, business teams, data analysts and product teams in an organization tools to manage day-to-day business operations. Chartio's tools provide users ...Read more

4.55 (37 reviews)


BrightGauge is a business intelligence solution that enables enterprises to gain visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) using dashboards, manage goals, build reports and more. It facilitates integration with multiple th...Read more

4.68 (34 reviews)


Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a web analytics platform designed to help businesses view and evaluate user activities and engagement across websites using heatmaps, A/B testing, session recordings, goals tracking and more. The lets ma...Read more

4.85 (33 reviews)


UpMetrics is a data analysis and data management platform that helps foundations, nonprofit organizations and investors streamline operations related to data collection, goal tracking, data visualization and more on a centralized ...Read more

4.82 (33 reviews)

Statgraphics Centurion

Statgraphics is a business intelligence (BI) solution that helps enterprises utilize collected information to facilitate data visualization, modeling and predictive analysis. It provides professionals with interfaces for text mini...Read more

4.48 (31 reviews)


WinSQL is a database management solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to data migration, schema comparisons, task scheduling, offline backups and more on a centralized platform. It enables employees to use a...Read more

4.39 (31 reviews)


Heap is a digital insights platform that helps digital experience owners quickly surface blind spots where users struggle or drop off in multi-step digital journeys, so that product and marketing teams know where to make the most ...Read more

4.52 (29 reviews)

Axiom Software

Syntellis Performance Solutions provides innovative enterprise performance management software, data and analytics solutions for healthcare, higher education and financial institutions. Syntellis’ solutions include Axiom and Conne...Read more

4.25 (28 reviews)


Oribi is a cloud-based journey mapping solution that provides marketing agencies and eCommerce businesses with analytical tools to monitor visitors' behavior across various digital channels. Businesses can view key metrics, t...Read more

4.43 (23 reviews)


Adverity is a business intelligence (BI) solution that helps brands and agencies to connect and manage their data sources in a single platform. Adverity comprises three modules: Adverity Datatap, Adverity Insights and Adverity Pre...Read more

4.48 (21 reviews)


Improvado is a marketing data aggregation tool to automate reporting. It is used by small and midsize businesses and can be hosted either in the cloud or on-premise. The solution allows users to connect multiple data sources to a ...Read more

4.52 (21 reviews)

Altair Monarch

Monarch, by Datawatch is a self-service, web-based data preparation solution that helps businesses extract data from reports such as HTML, PDF and XPS. The platform can access data from customer lists, sales reports, logs, invento...Read more

4.65 (20 reviews)


Panoply is a cloud data platform that helps businesses source, store and manage data from various applications to streamline data analysis processes. Professionals can track the status of data sync as ‘running’, ‘pending’ or ‘sche...Read more

4.05 (20 reviews)

CaseWare IDEA

CaseWare IDEA is a financial reporting software that helps businesses collect and analyze data from multiple sources to identify trends. The platform enables administrators to correct the formatting of data imported from Sage, Qui...Read more

4.45 (20 reviews)

Kyubit Business Intelligence

Kyubit is a cloud-based and on-premise business intelligence platform designed for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) environments. Primary features include online analytical processing (OLAP) grid and chart analysis an...Read more

4.26 (19 reviews)


Keatext is a cloud-based AI-powered customer experience and feedback analytics platform designed for medium and large-sized companies. The robust analytics tool provides clarity on unstructured customer feedback by aggregatin...Read more

3.78 (18 reviews)


QuanticMind is a cloud-based marketing management platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage PPC campaigns, search engine marketing and automated bidding. The platform uses algorithms, AI and semantic distance modeling to ...Read more

4.41 (17 reviews)


FactoryTalk InnovationSuite is a manufacturing solution that enables businesses to access, comprehend and utilize data from equipment, facilities, processes or assembly lines, facilitating strategic decisions. The manufacturing ex...Read more

4.53 (17 reviews)


Kissmetrics is a cloud-based customer engagement and email campaign automation solution. It helps businesses understand website visitors through behavior-based analysis. Designed for small firms, it provides a centralized platform...Read more

4.27 (15 reviews)


AnswerRocket is a search engine-based analytics and data visualization solution used by companies to receive complex analysis results in charts and graphs. The solution has a speech-to-text feature in which users can speak a query...Read more

4.64 (14 reviews)


GoodData is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that delivers progress analytics in real-time. With their integrated suite of tools and applications, users across departments will have access to critical metrics, giving v...Read more

4.31 (13 reviews)


ZEMA is a data discovery and analysis solution that helps businesses in agriculture, energy, data services, and other industry segments streamline operations related to data alignment, aggregation, sharing, and more on a centraliz...Read more

4.77 (13 reviews)


DataPlay is a cloud-based data management, analysis and visualization suite that allows users to automate their business intelligence (BI) tasks involving processing, reporting and presenting relevant data. The central hub of...Read more

4.83 (12 reviews)


CallFinder is a cloud-based call monitoring solution designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and other industry verticals manage scoring, transcribing, and analysis of cu...Read more

4.67 (12 reviews)


EnsoSleep is a cloud-based sleep scoring and analytics solution that enables clinicians to automate event detection and score the studies. Professionals can use EnsoSleep to improve sleep testing volumes, manage patient care and m...Read more

4.73 (11 reviews)


PatSeer is a complete professional patent research software that includes a global patent database with integrated analytics, project workflow, collaboration and visualisation capabilities. Its powerful analytical platform helps y...Read more

4.55 (11 reviews)

Neural Designer

Neural Designer is an on-premise business intelligence (BI) and machine learning solution designed for any kind of business. With it, you can build artificial intelligence models using neural networks to discover relationships, re...Read more

4.90 (10 reviews)


Inzata is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that helps automate and manage processes of data collection, preparation, cleansing and modeling. Designed for health care, insurance and IT industries, the AI-based platform ...Read more

4.70 (10 reviews)


CrossEngage is a customer data & prediction platform for growing your customer base into valuable, individual customer relationships. CrossEngage combines a real-time solution for customer data and cross-channel management with ...Read more

4.10 (10 reviews)


Seer is a data & analytics platform that makes data accessible to its users as well as making it usable and shareable for all. More solutions can be found for social issues by people having access to open data and using it to supp...Read more

4.90 (10 reviews)

Diver Platform

Diver Platform from Dimensional Insight is a data management and business intelligence (BI) platform. The solution can be used in various industries, including healthcare, beverage suppliers and distributors, manufacturers and sup...Read more

5.00 (9 reviews)


Chartbeat is a suite of content analytics tools for online publishing teams across the globe. It is designed to improve audience engagement and loyalty by helping teams make informed editorial decisions. To easily pull traffic dat...Read more

4.67 (9 reviews)


KNOWAGE is the open source analytics and business intelligence suite that enables enterprises to integrate data from various sources such as RDBMS, NoSQL, open data, big data, cloud data, private files, SolR indexes, or external ...Read more

4.25 (8 reviews)


Reeport is a cloud-based data analytics platform, which helps businesses of all sizes automate the collection of data from multiple sources, visualize performance through graphical representations and gain insights by generating r...Read more

4.86 (7 reviews)


Harmoni is a market research solution designed to help businesses process, analyze and share survey results with stakeholders. The platform supports various data sources including Microsoft Excel, CSV, IBM SPSS or SQL and visualiz...Read more

4.50 (6 reviews)

Intersect Labs

Intersect Labs is a collaborative data workspace for business teams. Users can build interactive data apps without coding to automate data processing from routine reports to complex manual tasks....Read more

5.00 (6 reviews)

Rapid Insight Construct

Rapid Insight is an on-premise Business Intelligence solutions for higher education institutions and fundraising, healthcare and data science corporations. The suite of applications includes dashboards and scorecards, data mining ...Read more

5.00 (5 reviews)

IntelliFront BI

IntelliFront BI by ChistianStevens Software allows businesses to view multiple data sets in one place. The system offers real-time dashboards with on-demand reporting. Users have access to business process automation, report sched...Read more

4.00 (5 reviews)

Outlier AI

The automated business analysis platform finds unforeseen patterns and relationships so business leaders can quickly improve the customer experience and capture new growth opportunities. Outlier does this using advanced...Read more

4.20 (5 reviews)


datacadabra is a data marketing suite in SaaS mode entirely dedicated to marketing. datacadabra supports users throughout the entire data exploitation chain. It supports data structuring, the creation of targets for marketing oper...Read more

4.60 (5 reviews)

Test Data Automation

Test Data Automation is a data extraction software designed to help businesses create multiple scenarios to automate data-driven testing. The platform enables administrators to generate various combinations of data, detect defects...Read more

4.80 (5 reviews)


Dataiku is an all-in-one data science and machine learning solution designed for business analysts, data scientists, and software engineers. Users can create, deploy and reuse custom applications that utilize integrated data and m...Read more

4.60 (5 reviews)

Zap Data Hub

ZAP Data Hub is a hybrid business intelligence solution that caters to businesses across various industry verticals that include manufacturing, retail, wholesale providers and more. The solution can either be deployed on-premise o...Read more

4.83 (3 reviews)


Designed for a wide variety of verticals across the energy, agriculture, government, and retail industries, SkySpark is an IoT analytics platform that automatically analyzes data from automation systems, meters, sensors, and other...Read more

4.33 (3 reviews)


IQLECT is a cloud-based real-time analytics solution for midsize and large businesses that collects and correlates data from apps, servers, databases, sensors and websites. IQLECT is built on event-based architecture that ena...Read more

0.00 (2 reviews)


Answerdock is a cloud-based business intelligence solution for organizations of all sizes across industries such as retail, healthcare, finance, communication and media. Key features include scheduled data loads, search-based anal...Read more

4.50 (2 reviews)


Zegami is a data visualization solution that combines cutting edge tools like machine learning to help businesses and research organizations gain insights by exploring large datasets. With Zegami, you can visualize and analyze uns...Read more

0.00 (2 reviews)


MonkeyLearn is a cloud-based text analytics platform, which helps small to large enterprises train custom machine learning (ML) models to perform sentiment analysis, topic classification, intent detection and entity extraction. ...Read more

4.50 (2 reviews)

Big Data BizViz

Big Data BizViz is a business intelligence platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. The product compiles and analyzes data from unstructured, semi-structured and structured data sources in order to help executives...Read more

0.00 (1 reviews)


Knowi is a business intelligence platform that includes dashboards and scorecards, data warehousing, data analytics and reports and online analytical processing. The system is suitable for company sizes ranging from small business...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)

OpenText Magellan

OpenText Magellan is a predictive analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The platform is designed to help businesses across various industries make data-driven decisions by combining self-...Read more

0.00 (1 reviews)

Analogyx BI

A Web-Based, Self-Service, Real-time Data & Analytics Platform, with an inbuilt data warehouse that has the ability to consolidate & centralize data from any environment (SaaS or On-Prem), including any type of databases, flat fil...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)


Powered by AI, Accern is a no-code data extraction and analysis platform that's designed to help companies within the financial services, insurance, asset management, and banking industries build and test NLP models to accelerate ...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)


BetterMetrics is a marketing reporting automation solution that enables digital marketers to gather and aggregate all their PPC data in a centralized location. Using the integration with Google, Sheets, Data Studio, Big Query, and...Read more

0.00 (1 reviews)


Sinequa is a cloud-based enterprise search platform, which helps large organizations across healthcare, finance, manufacturing and government sectors discover and collect relevant information and insights from a variety of sources...Read more

4.00 (1 reviews)


Analyse and discover insights into business performance, operational issues and revenue-generating activities using AI analytics. Read and prioritise customer text data collected through a range of channels within the business. Mo...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)


Flurry is a web-based mobile app analytics platform, which helps developers gain insights into audience, events, funnels, segmentation and user journeys of Android and iOS devices. It lets IT professionals understand how users eng...Read more

0.00 (1 reviews)


Pinecrow is a data analysis software that was designed to make life easier for Market Researchers through our two flagship solutions: 1) Survey insights: Pinecrow connects with all major survey execution platforms like Qualtrics,...Read more

5.00 (1 reviews)


Discover actionable insights in your data silos! Lumenore democratizes business intelligence with no-code analytics. Empower your entire team to derive insights from data - giving you a transparent view of your operations and hel...Read more

No reviews yet


Anodot is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that enables organizations to monitor data processes and detect anomalies using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It helps professionals collect data ...Read more

No reviews yet


HEARTCOUNT is a cloud-based enterprise decision intelligence tool, which enables business professionals to effortlessly discover the non-obvious and useful answers from data on what, why and how questions by humanizing machine lea...Read more

No reviews yet

Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging

Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging is a business intelligence solution designed to help financial enterprises analyze, process and gain insights into unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP), data-mining and text analy...Read more

No reviews yet


PlaidCloud is a comprehensive business analytics platform that combines data analysis tools, flexible workflows, and business processes to deliver a solution designed to help analyst teams collaboratively develop business models a...Read more

No reviews yet


Chatmetrics is a music analytics solution, which helps digital marketers, music supervisors and artist managers monitor chart performance, social key performance indicators (KPIs), albums and audience demographics to streamline de...Read more

No reviews yet


PowerMetrics is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in manufacturing, healthcare, insurance and other industries create performance dashboards and generate real-time reports. It enables administrators to combine informati...Read more

No reviews yet


Datoris is an online tool for data visualization, which offers customizable and safe means to organize data, investigate, answer questions and present results for businesses. The tool is capable of consuming and joining any data s...Read more

No reviews yet


NETVIBES is a data analysis software, which helps teams and businesses track social media metrics using a centralized dashboard. Managers can gain insights into brands, customers, market trends and online reputation by collecting ...Read more

No reviews yet


IOTICS IS SOFTWARE FOR DATA INTERACTIONS. WE ARE CHANGING HOW THE WORLD USES AND SHARES DATA. In IOTICSpace digital twins virtualize data sources and consumers. In a decentralised data mesh digital twins use semantic web technolo...Read more

No reviews yet

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server

dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server is a robust SQL data comparison and synchronization tool that can deal with big amounts of data and supports native SQL Server backups. It provides functionality which allows users to detect dat...Read more

No reviews yet


SiteLine is a cloud-based maintenance management solution that tracks electrical assets such as transformers, regulators and switchgear. The solution provides condition-based monitoring for electrical managers. For larger organiza...Read more

No reviews yet


Dedoose is a cloud-based collaboration platform for researchers in a variety of industries including the sciences, teachers, students, data analysts and more. It offers communication tools, file management and task assignment. ...Read more

No reviews yet


Qaravan is a cloud-based reporting tool designed for small businesses. Key features include a dashboard and configurable report generation tools. The solution caters to various industry sectors including banking, investment firms ...Read more

No reviews yet


Trifacta Wrangler is a cloud-based and on-premise data cleaning software for small, medium and large enterprises. It caters to the financial services, life sciences and telecommunication industries. Primary features include data s...Read more

No reviews yet

TV & Radio Attribution

TV & Radio Attribution by Quality Analytics helps marketing teams measure offline advertising initiatives. It uses algorithmic technology to measure customer actions and can provide local and national attribution for TV and/or rad...Read more

No reviews yet


Y42 is the first scalable data platform that anyone can run, offering both no-code and SQL. It is designed to help eCommerce businesses merge and visualize data collected from various sources. The platform enables administrators t...Read more

No reviews yet

Mammoth Analytics

Mammoth Analytics enables companies to have comprehensive insights into their data to improve decision-making skills. The application enables businesses to create data warehouses for future reference, capture data from multiple so...Read more

No reviews yet


Octimine is a software specifically designed for machine learning and predictive analytics. The software can processes the inventor's original language and retrieves the most relevant prior-art. The tool can form a term vector by ...Read more

No reviews yet


Demografy is a B2B SaaS platform that uses machine learning-based noninvasive technology to get demographic data using only names. It can be used to get demographic insights or append lists with missing demographic data. Unlike ...Read more

No reviews yet

Enterprise Accelerator

Enterprise Accelerator is a data analysis solution, which helps organizations gain insights into customer interactions using various third-party business intelligence (BI) tools. Managers can search for transcribed client conversa...Read more

No reviews yet

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Perspectives is a robust platform for building enterprise-class graph and data visualization and analysis applications. It is a complete graph visualization software development kit with a graphics-based design and prev...Read more

No reviews yet


Asset Performance Management System (APMS) is a secure and efficient way to increase safety and plant performance, empowering the workforce to make informed decisions that can enhance business performance. VAIL-Plant APMS module ...Read more

No reviews yet

GemEx Engine

The GemEx Engine® is an enterprise-grade digital Workplace Experience Platform utilising digital twin technology with configurable alarms and alerts. GemEx connects IT, IoT and 3rd party data then applies them to a building’s dig...Read more

No reviews yet


NEMESIS is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled data analysis platform, which enables businesses in financial services, healthcare, insurance and other industries to visualize data. Professionals can monitor billing inaccuracie...Read more

No reviews yet

Verimatrix Analytics

Verimatrix’s cloud-based SaaS analytics solution unifies data from a variety of sources to provide a 360-degree customer view and enable a foundation for predictive actions to retain and delight more subscribers. This solution pro...Read more

No reviews yet


Aderant's Thrive is a solution that helps firms create, monitor, and enforce timekeeping policies. ...Read more

No reviews yet

Matrix Analytics

Matrix Analytics is designed to allow the grouping in a single database of the information necessary for the analysis and management of a company, offering a global vision of the company's activity. It also avoids the dispersion...Read more

No reviews yet

Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage WiFi networks, capture visitors’ information and utilize the collected data to streamline marketing operations. Professionals can use the dashboard to generate admi...Read more

No reviews yet


Simplecast is a podcast hosting solution, which enables businesses and independent professionals to publish, analyze, distribute and embed audio content from within a unified platform. Supervisors can configure access permissions ...Read more

No reviews yet


Captivate is a cloud-based podcast management solution that provides businesses with tools to create, publish and monetize podcasts. Professionals can utilize actionable analytics to gain an overview of various metrics including e...Read more

No reviews yet


Qrvey provides embedded analytics solutions for SaaS providers built on AWS. It lets companies move beyond just visualizations to include their entire data pipeline. Qrvey integrates data collection, transformation, analysis, auto...Read more

No reviews yet


Displayr is a cloud-based reporting and analysis management solution that enables organizations to capture data from different sources, generate analytics and manage data visualization operations via a unified portal. The applicat...Read more

No reviews yet

Eclipse Streamsheets

Streamsheets is a no-code application platform that enables users to process, monitor, and visualize data in real-time. You can build professional applications to automate workflows, continuously monitor operations, and control p...Read more

No reviews yet


Rulex is a cloud-based no-code solution that helps businesses streamline data preparation, machine learning, and optimization operations. The platform can be accessed from multiple devices. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphical ...Read more

No reviews yet

Warp 10

Warp 10 simplifies data management and analytics. The modular open-source platform is designed to collect, store and analyze sensor data / IoT data and any kind of sequence data from a horizontal and industrial perspective. Shap...Read more

No reviews yet

Lobby CRE

Lobby CRE is a web-based data management and analytics software designed to help businesses in the real estate industry aggregate multiple data sources and visualize the performance of all properties from within a unified platform...Read more

No reviews yet


AnalyticVue increases visibility into all your school data from student performance to financial data. By transforming complex data into simple-to-understand dashboards and analytics, we drive meaningful conversations that fuel hi...Read more

No reviews yet

QUALCO Data-Driven Decisions Engine

QUALCO Data-Driven Decisions Engine (D3E) is a unique all-in-one decision-making platform that streamlines your collection process easily and compliantly, from early arrears to legal. Powered by Machine Learning algorithms, it can...Read more

No reviews yet


smartocto creates smart editorial analytics: analytical tools for newsrooms and content creators, to track and analyse the performance of the content they publish online. Our main goal is to make data actionable, because content c...Read more

No reviews yet

Obviously AI

Built for citizen data analysts, Obviously AI is the fastest and easiest automated machine learning software that enables anyone to build predictive AI models in minutes, without writing code. You start by uploading historical d...Read more

No reviews yet

Pyxis Performance

Pyxis Performance - Advertising configured to scale. Pyxis Performance helps brands accelerate their business growth with complex and contextual AI systems built to ensure brands function at peak efficiency. The platform does ...Read more

No reviews yet


Built for Elasticsearch, Kibana is a free dashboard visualization tool designed to visualize and discover Elasticsearch data. Kibana can help users navigate the Elastic Stack with basic visualizations such as histograms, line grap...Read more

No reviews yet


YieldWerx is cloud-based yield management software for semiconductor manufacturers. It uses data analysis to provide insights on the manufacture of semiconductors companies, including, in-house production firms as well as faciliti...Read more

No reviews yet


Maple is a cloud-based math software that combines a math engine with an interface that makes it easier and more efficient for the user to analyze, visualize, explore, and solve mathematical problems. The software allows users t...Read more

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Maple Flow

By providing a flexible, whiteboard-style environment, Maple Flow allows design engineers to easily sketch out and formalize technical ideas, revising and reordering content with simple drag-and-drop behavior. Users can add math, ...Read more

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SparkBeyond Discovery is a simplified and collaborative platform that leverages AI for faster and deeper generation of business insights. Platform features include: Streamlined feature discovery. Generate better features, faste...Read more

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CCOSTAT is a method for generating multi-variable and non-linear models from existing data. The mathematical formulas created allow to statistically frame the results provided. Data collection by the user is empirical: the parame...Read more

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5Y Technology

5Y Technology helps organisations deliver results, by giving them access to targeted and actionable insights. We are a business partner that understands how to turn data into actionable information. The leadership team have helped...Read more

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Do you want to know more about your customers? Sonar is a video-based user research platform that enables companies and agencies to do research in a fast, reliable, and consistent way....Read more

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Dataroid is a digital analytics and customer engagement solution, which helps businesses gain insights into customer behavior across their channels and grow their customer lifetime value (LTV) by engaging them in a relevant and pe...Read more

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Textrics is a cloud-based text analysis tools that monitors sentiment analysis, text-tagging, emotion detection from text, topic modeling, intent analysis, and more. Textrics determine positive, negative, or neutral responses sen...Read more

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