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DataCleaner is an on-premise data cleaning software for small, midsize and large enterprises. It allows users to discover and analyze data quality, detect duplications, standardize data and monitor data health. The data profiling module helps users find missing values, patterns, character sets and data characteristics. The duplicate detection feature finds and deduplicates repetitive data. The data standardization module checks values and confirms that they are realistic. It works on Excel, CSV, relational databases (RDBMs) and NoSQL databases. It allows users to create personalized cleansing rules. The data health monitoring module allows users to check data health in real time and schedule periodic data quality checks and notifications. It offers integration...

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Company size: 201-500 employees

Industry: Alternative Medicine

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February 2021

Quality decisions only with DATACLear


I think the component that interested me the most was the question of the data quality evaluator, who ensures the quality of data for analysis, if we talk about the transformer that allows adjusting the data to allow results after more quality analysis, this is for sure one off best software for good decision.


The software layout is not very user friendly, since it should improve, to allow better use, use modern layout