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Diver | BI from Dimensional Insight is a business intelligence and information delivery platform offering flexible deployment options and compatibility with most devices.

The suite of applications includes dashboards and scorecards, data mining, predictive analytics, ETL, performance management, a query/report writer, and OLAP. Diver | BI offers different interface options, including Information Consumer, Information Analyst and Information Manager. Dashboards, tabs and analytics are customized so users can interact with data in a way that makes sense for their role.

For developers, the system offers self-service data discovery capabilities, decreasing or eliminating the need to create ad hoc reporting. Content control and security features allow for information to be delivered in a consistent format across devices.

Diver | BI is best suited for healthcare, beverage suppliers/distributors, manufacturers and supply chain companies. Dimensional Insight was named as the 2015 Dresnor Top BI Company and 2014 “Best in KLAS” for BI/Analytics. 


Diver | BI - Product dashboard
  • Diver | BI - Product dashboard
    Product dashboard
  • Diver | BI - Salesperson scorecard
    Salesperson scorecard
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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