SpectralCore FullConvert is a database conversion and synchronization tool designed to allow users to convert databases. Features include a command-line interface, which enables the migration of large tables (500 GB and above), custom datatype mapping, scheduling for recurring migrations and on-the-fly data transformation.

SpectralCore allows for migration between Microsoft Access, Firebird, Interbase, MySQL, Oracle, Paradox, Microsoft SQL Server, dBase, FoxPro, Microsoft Excel, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQL Server Azure, SQL Server Compact(SQLCE), SQLite, Delimited text files (CSV), XML and many more via open database connectivity (ODBC).

SpectralCore FullConvert runs on all Windows versions, including Windows 8.1 and Windows Server and can be installed on Linux and Mac under virtualization software. It also connects to databases running on Unix/Linux/Mac.

Pricing is based on monthly or annual subscription and plans depend on the number of installations.

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