Intellexer Summarizer NE software

Intellexer Summarizer NE is an on-premise text analytics tool compatible with Windows operating systems. Users can upload text into the tool, and Intellexer Summarizer NE will produce a short summary using text-mining algorithms to maintain text readability.

Intellexer Summarizer NE can recognize the structure of a source document and organize the summary by topic. The software can create hierarchically organized concept trees and ­extract named entities such as organization, location, person, position, age, date, duration, nationality and event. Supported file formats ­include PDF, RTF, DOC, TXT and HTML.

Topic-oriented summaries take into account users' interests and preferences. The software can recognize keywords to detect topics such as economics, entertainment, health, science, sports and tech. Users can also select a topic manually. The software recognizes document structures such as patents, scientific articles and news articles.

Support is provided online. Yearly subscription pricing is available.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Windows XP , Windows 8 , Windows 10

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