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Analyse and discover insights into business performance, operational issues and revenue-generating activities using AI analytics. Read and prioritise customer text data collected through a range of channels within the business. Monitor brand health and customer perception effortlessly with benchmarking and market analysis tools. Ipiphany leverages your business knowledge to focus an automated insight discovery process and provides businesses with powerful tools to validate, explain, measure, and report on insights. With AI-powered customer insights, Ipiphany helps businesses understand the 'Why' as well as read and analyze unstructured digital feedback and CRM data in minutes to uncover key factors. Ipiphany can help businesses to identify why NPS scores are decreasi...

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Company size: 2-10 employees

Industry: Outsourcing/Offshoring

Time used: Less than 2 years

Review Source: Capterra

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July 2021

Excellent solution

The tool has enabled us to develop a quality of insight for our clients with internal data that was simply not possible previously. The competitor benchmarking also provides actionable insights that can easily be translated to the bottom line. This is due to the incredible passionate team, all of which are a delight to work with.


The Ipiphany tool achieves a level of granularity and accuracy that enables the user to pin point useful insights with ease. The impact feature is particularly effective in helping to identify meaningful solutions. Great support from the team too.


We experienced some issues with loading some public review data but these were quickly identified and rectified by the team at Ipiphany.

Reasons for choosing Ipiphany

The support and passion of the team at Ipiphany made them clear favourites and they have not disappointed.

Showing 1 review