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Analyzing data across your business solutions shouldn't be so difficult! With Mitto by Zuar, you can automate your ELT/ETL processes and have data flowing from hundreds of potential sources into a single destination. Transport, warehouse, transform, model, report, and monitor: it's all managed by Mitto. Plus, our experts will ensure your deployment is fast and smooth. Zuar is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for companies of all sizes. Please contact us for more information....

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Please contact Zuar at 866-454-1746 for pricing.

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November 2021

MITTO is Great!!

Through using MITTO, we have seen an increase in productivity and efficiency of work hours. Using MITTO has allowed us to innovate our processes which allows us to see secondary benefits outside of just the MITTO product.


MITTO makes keeping our web reporting platform up to date easy and essentially hands free. It also allows us to automate daily tasks and saves us a lot of time during the work day.


The product is easy to use for the capacity we use it in. We have not had to so too much with the product outside of running jobs that were already built. For what we use it for there are no complaints.

Showing 1 review