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About Accern

Powered by AI, Accern is a no-code data extraction and analysis platform that's designed to help companies within the financial services, insurance, asset management, and banking industries build and test NLP models to accelerate insight extraction, sentiment analysis, and predictive intelligence. With Accern, users can import unstructured data from PDFs, files, and private/public data feeds or utilize Accern's collection of public and premium datasets to assist with analysis. The built-in taxonomy generator enables users to create their own taxonomic classifiers using automated machine learning. Users can also choose from pre-built taxonomy from over 80,000 sources across public companies, commodities, products, cryptocurrencies, foreign exchanges, financial events, ...

Accern Pricing

Accern has a consumption-based model, so you pay for what you use. We have 3 tiers - Basic, Professional, and Premium, with add-on's for extra customer support and premium data sources.

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$3,000.00 per month

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Not Available

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Accern is integrated with one of the largest unstructured data stores which includes news, reports, financial filings. You can also upload your internal documents and existing data subscription to build AI solutions with Accern.

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