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Recommended by: Recommended by:

90% of users

100% of users

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Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility:

Deployment: Deployment:

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Most positive review: Most positive review:

“Spotfire is one of the best BI tools for real analysts, not only analysis designers. The cross analysis functions are amongst the best with few scripting requirements.”

- Xavier Ruby, Pfease

“QlikView is one of the best BI products in the market. It allows the user to understand their own data and make decisions faster [compared to] other tools.”

- Alejandro Fonseca, Derevo SA de CV

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Metadata management [should be] more robust. Also, building report logic is a bit confusing.”

- Amit Garg, Praxair

“The number of options can be somewhat overwhelming. Complex visualizations and manual scripting can take time to polish, often leaving the customer wondering where the 'Wow' they saw in the sales cycle went.”

- Trey Bayne, Analytics8


How it's priced: How it's priced:

Spotfire is offered as either a cloud-based solution, where you pay either a monthly or annual subscription fee for each authoring seat, or as an on-premise solution, where you pay either a term license fee or an upfront perpetual license fee for each authoring seat.

QlikView is available for cloud-based or on-premise deployment depending on the version selected. You pay an upfront, perpetual license fee for either deployment.

Contract term: Contract term:

Spotfire requires a year-long contract for cloud-based deployments; renewed monthly or annually. On-premise deployments require signing a perpetual or other term license agreement upfront.

QlikView requires signing a perpetual license agreement upfront for on-premise deployment. Qlik partners offer QlikView as hosted, cloud-based services. Partner pricing models vary.

Upfront costs: Upfront costs:

No upfront fees required. Optional fees apply for training and implementation.

Additional fees apply for implementation (e.g., special integrations, customizations and/or data migration) and training through a partner.

Recurring costs: Recurring costs:

Fees apply for maintenance and premium support.

Fees apply for premium support, maintenance, add-ons and usage upgrades.

What does it cost?: What does it cost?:


Dashboards and scorecards: Dashboards and scorecards:

Data warehousing: Data warehousing:

Data mining & analytics: Data mining & analytics:



Query & report writer: Query & report writer:

Performance management: Performance management:

Ease of Use:

Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“Spotfire is relatively easy to use. If you have an interest in business intelligence, I believe you can be successful with Spotfire.”

- Wendy Greene, CapTech

“QlikView is extremely easy to use, user friendly and developer friendly. When a complex solution is required, QlikView offers robust tools for your most intricate analytical needs.”

- Oleg Troyansky, Natural Synergies, Inc.

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“This software is a little bit harder to use in the first phase, but much faster and easier afterward.”

- Louis Decuypere, Datatonic

“Data management should be more user friendly. Programmer knowledge is [a] must. End users or [a] nontechnical person may [be] timid to start with QlikView, as they will find it hard to start with.”

- Prafulla Kharwadey, Johnson and Johnson


Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“[The support] team is so easily approachable and gelled together. You can raise your voice/issue via any channel, and it will get addressed.”

- Prafulla Kharwadey, Johnson & Johnson

“The online community is very active and supportive. Even complex calculations can be found. Customer support was on time, knowledgeable and solved the problem.”

- Raymond Younan, American University of Beirut

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“At times, I have a hard time getting the point across to their support technicians. Possibly something is lost in translation.”

- Wendy Greene, CapTech

“The vendor is not responsive to issues. The Qlik community solves most of our issues.”

- Rashmi Pagadala, VMS

Phone support: Phone support:

Phone support available through purchase of support plan.

Phone support during regular business hours is included in software fee. “Enterprise” support plan can be purchased for 24/7 phone support.

Online case submission: Online case submission:

Online case submission included in purchase of support plan.

Online case submission included in purchase of support plan.

Online support options: Online support options:

Knowledge base and online community included in license fee.

Help website, knowledge base and online community included for free.

Training: Training:

On-demand online training videos included in license fee. Additional live classroom and instructor-led online training can be purchased.

“Getting started” online catalogue available for free to all users. Additional training resources can be purchased.

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