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You know how some companies struggle to get work done as efficiently as they should or could because of internal bottlenecks, bad data and lack of real-time coordination between back-office and front-line employees? Well, TrackVia...Read more about TrackVia

Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Platform is an application development solution for organizations that are looking to integrate applications, data sources and devices using application programming interfaces (API). The solution is suitable for industrie...Read more about Anypoint Platform

Formstack Suite

With Formstack, automate manual processes, deliver solutions quicker, and go from idea to workflow in minutes and save hours—all with clicks, not code. Combining a visual workflow automation builder with digital forms, document ge...Read more about Formstack Suite

3.0 (1 reviews)


MaintainX is a web-based CMMS tool that can be used on mobile devices. It aims to improve workflow completion and strengthen team communication. It can be used by operational teams in small to large businesses. This solution allow...Read more about MaintainX


Jira Software is a business process management tool used by agile teams to plan, track and release software. Jira Software supports Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model or another unique workflow. Jira enables users to create project r...Read more about Jira


Founded in 2011, Zapier has helped over 1.8 million individuals and businesses with their automation needs. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Build custom workfl...Read more about Zapier


Qntrl is workflow orchestration software built by Zoho Corporation. Created for people who orchestrate processes for their team, department, or organization, Qntrl is the easiest way to bring visibility, control, and automation to...Read more about Qntrl

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Pipefy is the AI-enhanced process automation platform that conserves IT resources and empowers business teams to build and deploy up to 85% of workflows — no coding knowledge or third-party specialized services firms required. St...Read more about Pipefy


Lucidchart is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large enterprises manage projects, data visualization, and diagramming processes. The centralized platform enables users to create visual diagrams of business processes and ...Read more about Lucidchart


Tonkean helps enterprise shared service teams improve process adoption, operate more efficiently, and move at the speed of business. Tonkean's process orchestration platform wraps around your existing systems to create an AI-drive...Read more about Tonkean

ValueData Miner

ValueData Miner is process mining software that helps users handle optimization opportunities in business processes. The software helps businesses increase their revenue through an innovative SaaS solution that enables companies t...Read more about ValueData Miner

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Bizagi offers a business process management (BPM) suite for enterprises. Key features include automation, modeling and execution of business operations. It has been recognized as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report for...Read more about Bizagi


NotoWare is a cloud-based process management solution that helps disseminate work knowledge to employees. Employees can find the latest information related to work instructions and new job task details through the solution’s datab...Read more about NotoWare

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Aha! is the world's #1 product development software. We help more than 1 million product builders bring their strategy to life. Our suite of tools includes Aha! Roadmaps, Aha! Ideas, Aha! Whiteboards, Aha! Knowledge, and Aha! Deve...Read more about Aha!


BigTime is an online time and billing solution designed to serve professional service firms like accounting, engineering, government contracting, legal and IT services. The integrated solution offers features like time and expense...Read more about BigTime


CommandCenter is a Business Process Management Platform that maps, monitors and optimizes the workflows of a business. Serving a wide range of industries, it has remarkable flexibility that helps increase brand visibility, enforce...Read more about CommandCenter

BIC Platform

The BIC Platform covers the entire spectrum of digital transformation in just one software solution. It offers companies of all industries and sizes an intuitive and technically excellent way to manage and digitalize their process...Read more about BIC Platform


Confluence is a project management solution that enables organizations to create, collaborate, organize and review project documents. The system offers both cloud-based and on-premise deployment. Confluence’s editor feature a...Read more about Confluence

Planful for Marketing

Planful for Marketing is a marketing planning solution that helps businesses manage and track marketing goals, campaigns, budgets and overall returns on investment (ROI) from a centralized platform. It enables marketing profession...Read more about Planful for Marketing

5.0 (9 reviews)


Ardoq is a dynamic and data-driven enterprise architecture tool that plays a crucial role in the organization's digital transformation journey. Designed to assist businesses in planning, executing, and anticipating the impact of c...Read more about Ardoq

4.7 (3 reviews)


Miro is a visual workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to dream, design, and build the future together. Miro enables distributed teams to come together to synthesize information, clarify complex idea...Read more about Miro

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Triaster offers a cloud-based business process management (BPM) solution for large and midsize businesses. The solution offers core features including: process mapping, process sharing, policy and document management, reporting an...Read more about Triaster

Process Manager

Process Manager is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) solution that helps users track company performance, measure project timelines, plan resources and manage workforce efficiency. The solution features tools to auto...Read more about Process Manager

5.0 (1 reviews)

WEBCON Business Process Suite

WEBCON BPS is a cloud-based and on-premise business process management (BPM) solution that allows users to digitize, standardize and automate business processes. The solution offers a rapid application development (RAD) platf...Read more about WEBCON Business Process Suite


iGrafx, a leader in intelligent process management, enables the world’s largest enterprises to turn process into a competitive advantage. iGrafx Process360 Live captures and connects critical business operations for process mining...Read more about iGrafx

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Enterprise Explorer

Enterprise Explorer is an on-premise business process management solution that helps organizations in various industries to model business processes on Microsoft platforms. Key features include a process explorer and designer, doc...Read more about Enterprise Explorer

3.0 (1 reviews)

ABBYY Timeline

TimelinePI is a cloud-based business process management solution that enables financial service companies, healthcare institutions, insurance companies and government organizations to analyze and manage business processes. Th...Read more about ABBYY Timeline

4.5 (6 reviews)

Digital Business Transformation Suite

Enterprise Process Center, by Interfacing Technologies, is a business process management (BPM) suite that provides businesses several digitization and management programs within a single platform. The solution can be deployed eith...Read more about Digital Business Transformation Suite

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PRIME BPM is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) solution that enables users to map, analyze and monitor various business processes within the organisation. Key features include a process library, process mapping, proc...Read more about PRIME BPM

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Gluu is a cloud-based process management solution suited for a variety of industries. The solution helps users understand and execute their processes. Key features include process mapping, work instructions, task and case manageme...Read more about Gluu

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Kriya is a web-based platform with a user-friendly interface that binds all business processes on a single platform. It gets real-time data tracking with process, task, and case management. the software offers the following featur...Read more about Kriya


Ensemble is a business process management (BPM) solution that caters to businesses across various industries such as accounting, construction, energy, entertainment, manufacturing and more. Ensemble helps users to monitor on...Read more about Ensemble

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Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a leading provider of cloud-based robotic process automation solutions for the banking, healthcare, and telecom industry sectors. Their AI-powered automation platform, Automation 360, provides end-to-end aut...Read more about Automation Anywhere

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FrontRunners 2024

Flokzu is a workflow automation solution that helps users manage recurring processes. The solution allows users to define processes, create customized workflows and manage service level agreements (SLAs). Users can define fie...Read more about Flokzu

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Agility System by BusinessPort is a cloud-based business process management solution. The solution contains a process mapping tool that enables users to create visualizations for operational activities. Users can create process ma...Read more about AgilityBMS

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Flowingly is a cloud-based business process lifecycle platform which assists firms of all sizes with collaboration and workflow management. Its key features include document indexing, leave requests, expense tracking, support tick...Read more about Flowingly


Onspring is a cloud-based, no-code software for reporting, analysis, process management, and coordination. Our connected solutions for Governance, Risk & Compliance, ITSM, and Business Operations create efficiencies for your teams...Read more about Onspring

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Onit Apps is a cloud-based contract management suite that enables organizations to automate and combine business process management, project management and information management functionalities. The software is suitable for large...Read more about OnitX CLM

4.8 (4 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

UiPath is an on-premise data entry and robotic process automation solution designed for businesses of all sizes. The solution allows users to create, deploy and administer automation in business processes. UiPath features UiP...Read more about UiPath

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Decisions helps our customers unlock growth, accelerate profitability and enhance their brand in the marketplace. Ancient customer models, fragile technology, little oversight, and manual work thwart customer objectives. Using...Read more about Decisions


Mavim is a global, business process management system based on Microsoft applications. It is designed for complex global organizations that deal with vast data sets and want to improve the business process infrastructure. Mavim al...Read more about Mavim

5.0 (1 reviews)

Digital Enterprise Suite

More than just business modeling, the Digital Enterprise Suite also provides business automation. Built on a Digital Enterprise Graph, the Digital Enterprise Suite accelerates digital transformation, innovation, and improvement vi...Read more about Digital Enterprise Suite

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erwin Business Process

Erwin Business Process provides a comprehensive data preparation, data governance and modeling solution to developers in large-scale multinationals in order to provide better insights that fuel compliance, transformation and innov...Read more about erwin Business Process

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TouchStone Business System

Touch Stone Business System is a business management software that caters to small scale businesses. It helps businesses organize, manage, document and implement their transformation strategies to gain greater profitability. Secur...Read more about TouchStone Business System

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CANEA Workflow allows businesses to automate and increase the speed of the administrative process. The powerful design tool makes it very easy to define, improve and deploy workflows, business logic and forms whenever needed. The ...Read more about CANEA ONE

4.0 (2 reviews)


APIANT is a data integration platform that caters to citizen integrators, IT managers, SaaS Companies, Integration Specialists and Enterprises. This cloud-based platform can also be operated through self-hosting. It helps to empow...Read more about APIANT

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BlueKaktus is a convenient to operate cloud-based platform which caters to the requirements of the fashion industry. It is designed to improve the performance and manage costs in fashion retailing, sourcing and garment manufacturi...Read more about BlueKaktus

4.6 (5 reviews)

DRAKON Editor Web

DrakonHub is an online diagram software to prepare visual program documentation, which is beneficial for project managers, architects, software developers and entrepreneurs. It works based off of the standards of the aerospace ind...Read more about DRAKON Editor Web


Metatask simply organizes and manages internal projects to enhance the business workflow. It helps define daily business tasks in a sorted way through to-do lists, instead of complex BPMN diagram and flowcharts. It helps managers,...Read more about Metatask

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Process Street

FrontRunners 2024

Process Street is the world's first Process Management Platform powered by AI. We help teams share their core processes, then transform them into powerful no-code workflows. Start with employee onboarding to set up new hires for ...Read more about Process Street

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FrontRunners 2024

Asana is a comprehensive project management tool that offers a range of technical features to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within teams. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Asana provides or...Read more about Asana

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BatchMaster ERP

BatchMaster Software offers process manufacturing software solutions for the food, chemical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Users can run the manufacturing application with QuickBooks, Sage 100&300, Microsoft Dynamic...Read more about BatchMaster ERP

4.7 (6 reviews)


Quixy is a cloud-based no-code citizen development platform for small to large enterprises. It empowers business users with no coding skills to automate forms & workflows and build simple to complex enterprise-grade applications f...Read more about Quixy

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Studio Creatio

Studio Creatio is a no-code platform with composable architecure to automate workflows and build applications with maximum degree of freedom. It combines a range of no-code tools that enable users to create powerful business appli...Read more about Studio Creatio

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Comidor is a Low-Code and Hyperautomation platform that enables businesses to achieve fast and continuous business improvement through agile, digital transformation, and intelligent automation. Businesses can combine BPM with Adv...Read more about Comidor

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Simple Fractal

Simple Fractal is a robotic process automation (RPA) solution that helps businesses across healthcare, finance and retail industries autonomously operate third-party software platforms. It can be implemented by teams without usin...Read more about Simple Fractal

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Iterop is a business process management (BPM) software designed to help enterprises configure workflows and automate operational processes. Administrators can create digital applications, secure confidential data and verify the id...Read more about Iterop


Omnidek is a web-based digital workspace platform that allows businesses to build collaborative environments that empower employees, vendors, and customers to communicate in one place. Best suited for medium or enterprise-siz...Read more about Omnidek


VisualCron is an automation task scheduling tool with over 300+ various tasks to choose from to create both simple and very complex, automated jobs. Some examples of popular tasks used are: SQL, email, Powershell, FTP, executing (...Read more about VisualCron


Uptrader is a cloud-based process improvement solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to hiring, investment, demand management, and supply chain management. The talent acquisition tool allows recruiters to asse...Read more about Uptrader

5.0 (1 reviews)


Bonitasoft fully supports digital operations and modernization of information systems with Bonita, an open-source and extensible platform for automation and optimization of business processes. The Bonita platform accelerates ...Read more about Bonita

Engage Process

Save time, cut costs and drive change in your organization. Our intuitive, easy-to-use process management platform will get your teams truly involved in exploring and improving your processes, with more time to focus on the bigger...Read more about Engage Process

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Visio, a Microsoft 365 solution, is a diagramming tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes to create visual charts for team collaboration. With Visio, teams can connect diagrams and charts to real-time data and automate wo...Read more about Visio

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FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware is powerful BPM platform for sustainable company-wide process standardisation, automation, and management. The platform enables businesses to develop flexible process-driven solutions, extend the life of ER...Read more about FlowCentric Processware

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Bitrix24 is an online workspace for small, medium, and large businesses. It features over 35 cross-integrated tools, including CRM, tasks, Kanban board, Gantt chart, messenger, video calls, file storage, workflow automation, and m...Read more about Bitrix24

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Smartsheet is a work execution platform and collaboration tool with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that helps teams plan, track, and manage projects in real-time. Smartsheet features include a range of project management to...Read more about Smartsheet

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ProcessPlan is a cloud-based solution designed to help users automate the entire business process lifecycle using task monitoring, single sign-on, scheduling and account branding tools. Key features include access control, process...Read more about ProcessPlan

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SmartDraw is a diagram and chart tool that helps businesses of all sizes manage diagramming processes through predefined templates to create infographics, network designs, mind maps, organizational charts, and more. Key features i...Read more about SmartDraw

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PYX4 Process

PYX4 Process is a cloud-based business process management solution that helps organizations of all sizes manage hierarchies and define processes to handle operations across the departments. The platform includes publication manage...Read more about PYX4 Process

4.5 (4 reviews)

airSlate WorkFlow

airSlate is a SaaS platform for no-code automation of business workflows. Using its intuitively easy drag-and-drop tools, users can set up and configure automated workflows for contract negotiations, quoting & invoicing, customer ...Read more about airSlate WorkFlow

4.4 (5 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

Ninox is a cloud-based data entry solution used by small and midsize organizations. The solution helps in building database applications using features such as built-in templates, custom actions, scripting and drag and drop formul...Read more about Ninox

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Ennov Workflow

Ennov Process is a business process management software for the life science industry. This platform offers a graphical workflow designer, visual forms editor, manual or automated task execution, real-time monitoring with dashboar...Read more about Ennov Workflow

3.5 (2 reviews)


Reduce reporting, budgeting & close times by 50% with Vena—the only Complete Planning platform natively integrated with Microsoft 365. With a familiar Excel interface, AI-powered insights and a centralized database that connects...Read more about Vena

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FrontRunners 2024

ActiveBatch is a cloud-based and on-premise workflow management solution designed on helping businesses implement low-code IT workflow automation. The time it takes to manage workflow and business processes is cut in half with eve...Read more about ActiveBatch

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Allocadia Marketing Performance Management is planning, budgeting, and performance measurement software built for revenue-driven marketing organizations. Allocadia is designed for everyone in marketing including leadership teams, ...Read more about Allocadia

5.0 (3 reviews)


AllProWebTools is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) suite for small businesses that offers e-commerce applications, marketing automation, sales force management and customer service and support. It provides a wo...Read more about AllProWebTools


Appian is a low-code development platform designed for businesses of all sizes. It enables users to build business process management (BPM) applications. Key features include case management, BPM, three-step app development and ap...Read more about Appian

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BPI System

The BPI System CAPA Software is the key to meeting these challenges and creating highly efficient and responsive business processes. CAPA is a type of management discipline that integrates people, content, and enterprise applicati...Read more about BPI System


i-nexus is a business process management (BPM) and strategy execution solution that helps businesses manage strategic portfolios and monitor project progress across the organizational pipeline. Professionals can use the dashboard ...Read more about i-nexus

5.0 (1 reviews)

C2M Workflow

C2M Visualize is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution suited for midsize and large companies. Users can create interactive dashboards through a drag-and-drop process. C2M Visualize can connect with multiple sourc...Read more about C2M Workflow

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GoCanvas is a cloud-based mobile business management system suitable for field service companies, including electrical, HVAC, pest control and plumbing. The solution is designed to work on any smartphone or tablet and can also be ...Read more about GoCanvas

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ConvergeHub offers a customer relationship management (CRM) and sales and marketing automation system for small and midsize businesses. It lets users store contact lists, design campaigns and manage sales activities and leads. ...Read more about ConvergeHub

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FrontRunners 2024

Docuphase offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent financial solutions that create predictability, visibility, and efficiency. Our solutions include Document Management, Invoice and Data Capture, Forms & Workflow, AP Automation...Read more about DocuPhase

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E2open is the connected supply chain software platform that enables the world’s largest companies to transform the way they make, move, and sell goods and services. With the broadest cloud-native global platform purpose-built for ...Read more about E2open

3.2 (3 reviews)

DocuVantage OnDemand

DocuVantage OnDemand Contracts is a cloud-based contract management solution offering a complete portfolio of features to manage the contract development and review process from beginning to end for businesses of any size and indu...Read more about DocuVantage OnDemand

ERA EH&S Software

ERA EH&S is a suite supporting environment, health and safety (EHS) management. It is primarily designed for general manufacturing and the oil and gas industries. The product has a reporting library that has the capability to...Read more about ERA EH&S Software


Everteam BPM is a cloud-based workflow management solution for small and medium businesses that helps organizations to create and automate content-enabled processes, coordinate content capture and facilitate process versioning. ...Read more about Everteam

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Capture the true value of cloud ERP with Epicor Kinetic, a solution made with manufacturers, for manufacturers. An intuitive, configurable, and guided user experience with embedded learning helps you maximize your profitability wi...Read more about Kinetic

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Formstack Forms

Formstack Forms is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses automate processes of creating digital forms and collecting data for surveys, leads, registrations, and more. Key features include data routing, file uploads, data en...Read more about Formstack Forms

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GoodData is the leading cloud-based data and analytics platform, bringing AI-fueled data-driven decision-making to organizations across the globe. With a platform that leverages the potential of automation and AI, GoodData empower...Read more about GoodData

CloudBlue PSA

CloudBlue PSA is a hybrid professional services automation (PSA) solution that helps cloud-based managed service providers and software companies of all sizes to manage their business operations. The solution can be deployed eithe...Read more about CloudBlue PSA

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Intelledox is a low-code, cloud-based content and workflow automation (WCA) solution designed to transform B2C operations and improve customer engagement. Businesses and governmental organizations can streamline complex processes ...Read more about Intelledox


Jitterbit empowers productivity and performance by automating critical business processes for faster, more informed decision-making. Jitterbit’s Harmony is the only platform to seamlessly combine the power of integration, API Ma...Read more about Jitterbit

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Kepion provides planning your way, across the enterprise and all major industries for finance, sales, marketing, HR and operations. Kepion supports both financial and operational planning processes, providing dashboards and KPI tr...Read more about Kepion

Planview AgilePlace

Planview LeanKit enables Agile teams to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver big initiatives quickly, with clear insight into the value delivered. The solution gives Agile teams and program managers the tools they need to visu...Read more about Planview AgilePlace

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Laserfiche is a content management platform suitable for businesses of all sizes in industries such as accounting, construction, education, real estate, manufacturing and healthcare. It offers document scanning and data capture, s...Read more about Laserfiche

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Effivity is a cloud-based compliance management solution that helps users to integrate their businesses with ISO compliance and manage their quality, safety, health and environment (QHSE) certifications. It offers various quality ...Read more about Effivity

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PDF Share Forms Enterprise

PDF Share Forms Enterprise is a cloud-based forms automation solution suitable for business of all sizes in industries such as defense, manufacturing and finance. It provides customizable digital forms that capture images, signatu...Read more about PDF Share Forms Enterprise

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Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform for teams of 20+ that is suitable for both large enterprises and SMBs. It supports remote work for various teams. This solution comes with Gantt charts, calendars, workload view f...Read more about Wrike

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Clustdoc is a leading client onboarding and verification software that helps SMB and Corporate Teams streamline and automate routine tasks from clients during the onboarding phase. With Clustdoc, you can provide a secure online ...Read more about Clustdoc

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The PMG Platform orchestrates people, systems and data with integrated automation. Users can quickly configure applications and automation solutions to streamline business processes and provide interactive dashboards to facilitate...Read more about PMG

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AppWright JobCenter

AppWright JobCenter is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) solution that caters to businesses across various industries. Key features include collaborative scheduling, workflow management, account management and a buil...Read more about AppWright JobCenter

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Zvolv is a business process management solution that helps organizations in healthcare, finance, retail and other industries plan, launch and automate multiple business processes. It allows administrators to track employees’ produ...Read more about Zvolv

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HighGear is a cloud-based and on-premise workflow automation solution that helps small to large businesses manage tasks, projects, progress and communication. Plus, it allows users to create forms, automate procedures and review r...Read more about HighGear


At Wavity, we offer a platform, tools and solutions that help your company implement digital workflows quickly and become an agile organization. In addition, we help reduce IT backlogs and enable citizen development. We do this us...Read more about Wavity

4.5 (2 reviews)

SAP Ruum

SAP Ruum is a cloud-based work management solution, which helps businesses organize, store and maintain project tasks and files. Features include collaborative workspace, time tracking, single sign-on, custom labels, reporting and...Read more about SAP Ruum

5.0 (2 reviews)


Conclusion is a cloud-based IT process management solution designed to help businesses automate requirements collection to project planning, tracking and quality management on a unified platform. Features include real-time updates...Read more about Conclusion

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is a cloud-based project management platform that helps project managers prioritize projects and tasks and enables them to achieve visibility and accountability across different projects. The solution enables ...Read more about Priority Matrix

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Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems. Here's why Quickbase i...Read more about Quickbase

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Founded in 2002 and acquired by ProActive Software Ltd in 2003, ProWorkflow is a cloud-based project management and time tracking software that caters to companies of all sizes. ProWorkflow includes all the features of a trad...Read more about ProWorkflow

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Simpro is a powerful job management software solution created by trade contractors, for trade contractors. If your business struggles with quoting multi-stage projects, managing inventory, communicating with technicians, or any ot...Read more about Simpro

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SpiceCSM offers an array of powerful products and services that have been developed to increase the success and efficacy of any customer care organization. Supporting businesses of any size with 20 or more agents, SpiceCSM offers ...Read more about SpiceCSM

4.3 (3 reviews)


TACTIC is a smart collaboration-oriented software used for configuring and deploying enterprise workflow solutions. TACTIC simplifies complex production environments through a well-defined set of processes. By providing a core...Read more about TACTIC


TeamDesk is an advanced, secure and fully customizable low-code web-based database platform allowing rapid online database creation without coding. Your team collaboration is securely managed and the data is shared according to i...Read more about TeamDesk

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Tradogram is a cloud-based procurement management solution. Users can choose from a list of integrated modules such as supplier management, purchase-to-pay, contract management, strategic sourcing and order management. Team manag...Read more about Tradogram

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Zingtree Agent Scripting is a cloud-based call center scripting solution for call centers in all industries. Users can create, deploy and analyze agent scripts. Scripts can be created using a visual designer or copied from an...Read more about Zingtree

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WinWeb is a Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite for small and midsize businesses in multiple industries including wholesale, retail, and health care. WinWeb’s ERP Suite can be accessed through any web browser and ...Read more about WinWeb

4.7 (6 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

Workato is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS)-based business intelligence platform designed for organizations of any size. It enables IT teams and businesses to carry out enterprise-level integrations and process automat...Read more about Workato

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Blue Relay offers a suite of workflow and document management tools that help teams manage document approvals, workflows standardization and collaboration. It is suitable for large and midsize businesses in industries such as insu...Read more about BlueRelay

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Flowfinity is a no-code platform used to create, automate, and integrate custom business process applications fast. Based on 4 pillars of data management: collection, automation, visualization and integration. Our powerful toolse...Read more about Flowfinity

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Tallyfy is workflow software that lets you document and automate every business process across your company. Track all your processes in real-time, on a simple and visual dashboard. You can trigger processes manually, via forms,...Read more about Tallyfy


Abacus is a cloud-based and on-premise solution that helps enterprises streamline operations related to business process modelling, project management and application road mapping. The requirements management module enables IT tea...Read more about Abacus

Active Compliance Monitor

ComplyWorks is a web-based solution designed to help small to large organizations manage the entire compliance lifecycle and mitigate risks. Key features include incident management, status tracking, audit trail, asset monitoring,...Read more about Active Compliance Monitor

4.0 (1 reviews)


FrontRunners 2024

Manifestly is a cloud-based task management solution, which helps small to large businesses create workflows and manage recurring tasks through checklists and real-time collaboration of team members. Features include customizable ...Read more about Manifestly

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Productboard is the customer-driven product management system that empowers teams to get the right products to market, faster. It provides a complete solution for product teams to understand user needs, prioritize what to build ne...Read more about Productboard

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Adlib is the Leading Document & Data Transformation platform for highly-regulated enterprise organizations. We help you expedite go-to-market activities, streamline operations, reduce compliance and regulatory risks. Only Adlib:...Read more about Adlib

4.3 (3 reviews)


OptimumHQ is a cloud-based, no-code platform that enables companies to quickly create custom applications and automate workflows for complex business processes. OptimumHQ is designed for small to mid-sized companies and helps to r...Read more about OptimumHQ

SurveyMonkey Apply

FrontRunners 2024

SurveyMonkey Apply is an online application management solution that helps non-profits and foundations, education and private sector organizations select candidates for grants, scholarships, sponsorships and other programs. A...Read more about SurveyMonkey Apply

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Leonardo247 is a single source of truth for property operations and maintenance solutions. The Leonardo247 platform is a powerful, end-to-end property operations and maintenance solution. With smart systems like workflow automati...Read more about Leonardo247

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FrontRunners 2024

Trainual is a cloud-based learning management system. The solution serves various industry verticals and allows organizations to automate training and onboarding process. It helps in organizing training modules in a centralized sy...Read more about Trainual

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FrontRunners 2024

Nifty is a new-wave project management tool that reduces project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining all of the important features of project management into one software. The end result is milestone-dri...Read more about Nifty

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FrontRunners 2024

Stackby is a task management solution designed to help businesses create or automate workflows, collaborate with team members and organize operations using spreadsheets, built-in integrations, templates and more. Supervisors can b...Read more about Stackby

Learn More is a cloud-based employee communications and business process automation platform that helps organizations connect their entire workforce, from HQ to the frontline, over a single platform. The all-in-one platform brings ...Read more about


Work-Relay is an enterprise work management system that brings together task, process, project, and resource management in a single, unified application. Work-Relay ensures that work patterns are clearly defined, timelines are wel...Read more about Work-Relay

4.5 (4 reviews)

EdgeReady Cloud

EdgeReady Cloud by Pillir is a cloud-based application development solution that helps IT teams build and deploy software for SAP business processes. It enables administrators to exchange data with various ERP systems and database...Read more about EdgeReady Cloud

5.0 (2 reviews)


TAP gives you the power to automate any repetitive task, giving you more time for meaningful work. At an organizational scale, TAP equips teams with the tools to uncover data for informed decision making, instant cost savings, and...Read more about TAP


Pneumatic is a cloud-based workflow management solution, which helps small to midsize enterprises visually create businesses processes and invite and assign tasks to members. Features include role-based permissions, remote access,...Read more about Pneumatic

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Capacity is a cloud-based help desk and knowledge base solution that utilizes AI-powered automation to enhance workflows and business processes for finance, insurance, manufacturing, software and education industries. Capacity's c...Read more about Capacity


GoodFlow is a platform that helps sales, finance, marketing, HR, customer support and IT teams design and automate business workflows using recurring checklists, customizable forms and process documentation. Managers can create ta...Read more about GoodFlow

4.7 (3 reviews)


PolicyStat is a cloud-based policy management software, which helps businesses of all sizes manage procedures and documentation. Key features include compliance tracking, auditing, contract management and collaboration. The p...Read more about RLDatix

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Whale is a training platform that helps small to midsize businesses manage onboarding and training for new employees on a centralized platform. The application allows administrators to create, review, maintain and share company ...Read more about Whale

5.0 (1 reviews)


WorkflowGen is a cloud-based and on-premise business process management solution for organizations of all sizes and most industries. The software helps organizations automate human and system-based business processes. Workflo...Read more about WorkflowGen

4.5 (4 reviews)

SoftExpert Suite

FrontRunners 2024

SoftExpert Suite is the most comprehensive framework of independent yet united solutions to achieve business performance excellence, streamline corporate governance, risk and com-pliance programs, and ensure continuous business pr...Read more about SoftExpert Suite

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Projektron BCS

The web-based project management software Projektron BCS supports you during the whole project lifecycle: effective planning and implementation of projects, the coordination as well as the evaluation after the successful project c...Read more about Projektron BCS

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CoreIntegrator Workflow

CoreIntegrator Workflow is a web-based and on-premise business process management solution that features data capture, data search, analytics, and customizable reporting. The application comes with a form designer tool, which lets...Read more about CoreIntegrator Workflow

4.6 (5 reviews)

Method Grid

Method Grid is a knowledge and business process management software that enables businesses to create and manage team playbooks and processes on a centralized platform. It is a flexible simple grid platform that allows staff membe...Read more about Method Grid

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FullyInControl is a modular and fully configurable cloud solution that can be tailored to an organization's needs and processes to support all management domains in an integral way. The system offers solutions for Governance, Risk...Read more about FullyInControl

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Boombirds helps professional firms to focus on growing their business by reducing the noise of daily operations chaos Designed for business users, no technical skills required. With Boombirds you can digitise your processes into ...Read more about Boombirds


vtenext is a cloud-based CRM software designed to help businesses create and send customized communications, profile incoming leads, identify profitable channels and schedule campaigns for targeted audiences in compliance with GDP...Read more about vtenext

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Trace Spend

Trace Spend is a spend management solution that ties into your budget planning processes and tools. Give budget owners, finance, and procurement a one-stop shop for building and executing spending plans. Manage budgets, request an...Read more about Trace Spend

5.0 (1 reviews)

Visual QMS

Visual QMS is a comprehensive and configurable eQMS with visual business processes and modules for managing all relevant tasks related to quality management. Visual QMS modules and features include: - Documentation - Business Pr...Read more about Visual QMS

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Minerva empowers you to effortlessly create clickable instructions for anything online. Any time you have to communicate a set of steps, without physically standing next to someone, you can use Minerva! The tool is free. For addi...Read more about Minerva

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Bamzooka is a tool that helps you manage processes and workflows in your company with checklists and to-do lists. Our goal is to help you reduce errors, increase efficiency and improve productivity. We want to make sure that you ...Read more about Bamzooka

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CargoSnap is a digital tool that makes cargo inspections simple, fast and streamlined. No paperwork, no spreadsheets, no hassles. Your team can scan any type of reference, from containers to barcodes, from license plates, to do...Read more about CargoSnap

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Catalytic is a business process management (BPM) and robotic process automation (RPA) solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to workflow configuration, document automation, text analysis, and more from within...Read more about Catalytic

4.3 (4 reviews)


OpsVeda is a platform that provides operations intelligence to enable businesses to make smarter operations decisions based on real-time information from the cloud and on-premise. OpsVeda brings together all data streams generated...Read more about OpsVeda

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roXtra Processes

The roXtra Processes module is the solution for digitally executable and automated workflows and creates the basis for a living Process and Quality Management. With the module you can digitize and edit your forms as well as define...Read more about roXtra Processes

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UTrakk DMeS

Built for medium and large manufacturers of 200+ employees, UTrakk is an advanced DMS (Daily Management System) that helps managers boost their impact in delivering their roles, with a focus on improving both competitive performan...Read more about UTrakk DMeS

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FrontRunners 2024

Skore is now known as Liberty Spark. Liberty Spark optimises process discovery, enhancing engagement and understanding while improving accuracy and version control. Centralised storage and governance ensure consistency, while robu...Read more about Skore

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AuraQuantic is an intuitive, no-code platform that empowers non-technical business users and developers to be far more productive, rapidly building unlimited enterprise solutions that can be customized quickly. It combines the sop...Read more about AuraQuantic


Optify is a leadership development management and customer engagement solution that enables companies to manage and deliver scaled coaching and development programs. The platform is flexible enough to serve your business as it ne...Read more about Optify


Alloy Automation is an integration platform that provides a solution for companies to develop and expand essential user-facing integrations. Engineering and product teams across various sectors use Alloy to speed up integration de...Read more about Alloy

SS&C Chorus

SS&C Chorus incorporates an award-winning digital workflow, business process, low-code automation and AI-driven document automation technology, to drive an improved experience. Chorus delivers a unified suite of intelligent auto...Read more about SS&C Chorus

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Autocene is a cloud-based no-code development platform that lets businesses of all sizes create and deploy applications to automate any business process, collecting data at each step of the process and providing the tools to integ...Read more about Autocene

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Inpensa’s Connected Capital Planning platform helps businesses streamline operations and costs related to short and long-term capital investment programs by enabling users to define, plan, and track all financial activities. It of...Read more about Inpensa

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HOPEX Platform

The HOPEX platform helps companies of any size to tackle IT, data, risk, and governance challenges. Companies can pick one use case or multiple. The beauty of this platform is that the repository all connects, meaning you can u...Read more about HOPEX Platform

5.0 (1 reviews)


ELMA365 is a cloud-based and on-premise business process management (BPM) software designed to help government organizations and enterprises build corporate applications without coding. It includes several modules for the manageme...Read more about ELMA365

4.9 (8 reviews)

AODocs Document Management

AODocs is a document and records management solution that allows businesses in life sciences, manufacturing, finance, HR and accounting industries to integrate the platform with Google Workspace. AODocs's user experience-focused...Read more about AODocs Document Management

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FrontRunners 2024

eLegere is a low-code platform that helps transform business processes and operational data into centralized digital assets. Created by Vesenda, it is a Smart Operational Process (SOP) management innovative solution to govern dist...Read more about eLegere

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"WorkTogether is an intranet tool available only in Italian. It allows Italian companies to create and design digital workspaces. The app is mostly used by larger banking companies with over 100 employees. It allows business leade...Read more about WorkTogether

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AnyHow is a business management solution that helps agencies and organizations manage project discussions, invoices, timesheets, reports, and more on a cloud platform. Features include invoicing, payment processing, project expens...Read more about AnyHow

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beSlick is the only task management platform powered by your processes & forms. Compliance friendly, it empowers teams to work better together, and eliminates the chaos of running a business. Users can create simple yet powerful ...Read more about beSlick

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Zenphi is a no-code process automation platform built specifically for Google Workspace, empowering any user to easily automate and optimize their workflows. Minimizing reliance on the IT team for custom code development and mai...Read more about zenphi


ShiftX is a collaboration tool designed to help businesses connect or collect data to create process models, understand issues, and share knowledge across the organization. Features include process management, incident reporting, ...Read more about ShiftX

5.0 (1 reviews)


Integrify is a low-code, workflow automation platform that helps businesses build automated processes, design dynamic forms, create self-service portals, track performance via reports/dashboards, and review activity audit trails. ...Read more about Integrify

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HoneyBook is the centralized clientflow management platform that empowers independent businesses to deliver remarkable client experiences and operate with confidence. Use one platform to see what’s happening with all projects. M...Read more about HoneyBook

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Camunda enables organizations to orchestrate processes across people, systems, and devices to continuously overcome complexity and increase efficiency. A common visual language enables seamless collaboration between business and I...Read more about Camunda


SYDLE BPM is a business process management suite. It caters to midsize and large organizations across various industries like finance, healthcare, education, and retail. SYDLE BPM offers powerful features for managing business pr...Read more about SYDLE ONE

4.7 (7 reviews)


Xyicon is a cloud-based facility management platform that helps small to large enterprises monitor employee occupancy across corporate workspaces. It enables users to maintain employee logs with details including room number, staf...Read more about Xyicon

4.3 (6 reviews)

DecisionRules is Agile Business Rule Engine for Every Industry. DecisionRules helps you speed up everyday processes in financial services, insurance, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare and more. Decision tables are at the core o...Read more about

4.8 (4 reviews)


BasicOps is the ultimate platform to help your team stay organized, collaborate seamlessly and achieve your project goals. Whether you're a small business owner, a project manager or a team leader, BasicOps is designed to make you...Read more about BasicOps

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TRANSCONNECT is a business integration platform for the energy industry. TRANSCONNECT enables energy companies to build custom software applications and digital solutions. TRANSCONNECT's low-code platform allows non-technical us...Read more about TRANSCONNECT

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Drive digital transformation 10x faster at one-tenth the cost of other enterprise software solutions. Automate business processes with our pre-configured applications or work with our experts to create custom solutions that transf...Read more about Praxie


Breakout is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) solution that enables organizations to create workflow automation. It can be used in a range of business functions such as customer onboarding, employee onboarding, purch...Read more about Breakout

4.8 (5 reviews)


Easydus is much more than a just a standard event registration tool. Due to the maximum flexibility of Easydus, you can automate all simple and complex event registration flows. But also any additional registration processes like...Read more about Easydus

4.5 (6 reviews)


Wrk is a business process management and robotic process automation solution that helps organizations streamline processes related to lead management, customer onboarding, marketing, sales tracking, and more from within a unified ...Read more about Wrk

4.8 (5 reviews)


TeamTracks is a business process management (BPM) application that helps companies automate, track and report on their internal processes. The solution helps capture data from multiple sources to create intelligent workflows and d...Read more about TeamTracks

5.0 (1 reviews)

Minitab Engage

Minitab Engage is an innovation and ideation management software that helps businesses generate, track, organize and collaborate on ideas, workflows, and process improvement initiatives. The centralized dashboard allows teams to s...Read more about Minitab Engage

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bpmEdge BPMS

Designed for businesses in healthcare, legal services, telecommunications, real estate and other industries, bpmEdge BPMS is a business process management tool that helps manage resource allocation, team collaboration, budgeting a...Read more about bpmEdge BPMS

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FlowWright is a business process management (BPM) solution designed to help businesses across various industries including life sciences, petrochemical, automotive, and more. It streamlines and automates their operations. Users ...Read more about FlowWright


SmartRoby interacts directly with your automation platforms, centralizing automation management for all stakeholders with a vested interest in. Why SmartRoby? - Boost Efficiency : Unlock up to 80% Time Savings in post-production...Read more about SmartRoby

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Tom Sawyer Business Process

Tom Sawyer Business Process is a solution, which helps organizations design and configure workflows and processes on a drag-and-drop interface. Teams can validate created processes to identify and correct issues before execution....Read more about Tom Sawyer Business Process

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ThinkAutomation is a business process automation (BPA) solution designed to automate on-premises and cloud-based business processes that are triggered by incoming messages. ThinkAutomation is designed to handle any business proce...Read more about ThinkAutomation

5.0 (4 reviews)


With over 14.000 daily users and 2000+ client, Gripp is one of many Business Software companies in the Benelux. Gripp aims mainly on business service providers and agencies and helps them with operational and administrative challe...Read more about Gripp


Teamogy is a cloud-based system for companies who want to have full control over their projects, finances, time management, teams, and communication. Teamogy helps companies to maximize their profit. It also supports cooperation...Read more about Teamogy


AUTOMY is a cloud-based no-code platform designed to help businesses configure workflows and automate various processes related to accounting, CRM, purchasing and more. Professionals can define validation rules using dynamic forms...Read more about AUTOMY

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InfinCE, a digital workplace platform to manage your end-to-end business operations and enhance the employee experience. It is a smart collaboration and remote working platform hosted on a secure private cloud that can easily inte...Read more about InfinCE

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Sensus BPM Online

Sensus BPM Online is an easy to use BPMS for process modeling and sharing. The application is based on a uniform methodology and clear process language to make sure team all members are on the same page. This tool allows users to...Read more about Sensus BPM Online

Complete Contract Management

Designed for businesses in healthcare, social services and other industries, Complete Contract Management is a cloud-based platform that helps streamline document management through calendar view, messaging log, contract profiles,...Read more about Complete Contract Management

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Fleet Management you can trust. A cloud-based Transport Management System (TMS) designed to revolutionise your operations, from booking to invoicing. Gain real-time access to critical fleet information from anywhere, anytime. O...Read more about INControl

Square 9

Square 9 is a document management solution that helps businesses handle and automate human resource processes. Teams can create a single, secure location where all employee records are organized and easily accessible from within a...Read more about Square 9

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MyCellHub Electronic Batch Record

Designed for businesses of all sizes, MyCellHub Electronic Batch Record is a cloud-based platform that helps streamline lab record management via custom work instructions, remote approvals, data integration, barcode scanning and m...Read more about MyCellHub Electronic Batch Record

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Orbit Online

Planning & Execution Orbit is an intelligent and compatible tool that integrates with all types of business software. It ensures that we can use already-existing data on an operational level, streamlining and standardising several...Read more about Orbit Online

4.3 (4 reviews)


Waybook turns documents, processes, and know-how into effective and organized onboarding, training, and reference materials. This solution was designed by process experts to help businesses stay organized. The easy-to-use interfac...Read more about Waybook