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SalesIntel lets businesses identify and reach millions of decision-makers in B2B industries including IT, education, finance and banking, recruitment, professional services, and more. Additionally, SalesIntel provides technographi...Read more about Salesintel


Seamless.AI is a lead management solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to contact search, market research, lead conversion, data importing, and more on a centralized platform. With the pitch research tools, t...Read more about Seamless.AI

ZoomInfo Sales

ZoomInfo Sales is the modern go-to-market platform for B2B companies. We have the biggest, most accurate, and most frequently refreshed database of insights, intelligence, and purchasing intent data about companies and contacts. ...Read more about ZoomInfo Sales

ZoomInfo Marketing

ZoomInfo MarketingOS is a demand side platform (DSP) and buyer intent solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to display advertisement management, conversion rate optimization, visitor tracking, and more on a c...Read more about ZoomInfo Marketing

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Dealfront, (formerly Echobot & Leadfeeder), is a cloud-based software-as-a-service application that tracks traffic to user websites in order to collect and score potential leads. It is suitable for business of all sizes across all...Read more about Dealfront

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Designed for small to large businesses, LeadIQ is a cloud-based lead management solution that helps manage contact data, prospect communications, sales triggers and more. Key features include lead capturing, data synchronization, ...Read more about LeadIQ

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6sense is an account engagement platform that provides buyer journey insights to B2B organizations. It is designed to help sales, marketing, and customer success teams generate growth and revenue. This solution offers AI-driven ca...Read more about 6sense

B2B Intent

B2B Intent uses AI to interpret software buyer behavior and predict which companies have the highest intent to purchase software in your categories on Capterra, SoftwareAdvice, and Getapp. Now, you can reduce acquisition and reten...Read more about B2B Intent

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ML Platform

ML Platform by Madison Logic is an account-based marketing solution for B2B organizations. It helps sales and marketing teams manage account prioritization, campaign strategies, and customer journey acceleration. ML Platform ident...Read more about ML Platform

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Priority Engine

Priority Engine offers intent data and insights to help B2B sales teams increase conversions. To target qualified technology buyers, teams can build customized prospect lists based on firmographics, tech interests, installed produ...Read more about Priority Engine

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N.Rich is a company established in Helsinki, Finland in 2016. It offers an ABM advertising platform that enables the display channel for B2B companies. You can use it to segment your target account list and deliver personalised ad...Read more about N.Rich

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eCHO is an account-based intent solution for B2B organizations. It provides insights to help companies prioritize the right accounts based on intent data. eCHO enables marketing and sales teams to align various campaign strategies...Read more about eCHO

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Intent Activation

Intent Activation is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with tools to analyze and determine the behavior of target buyers, improving marketing operations and facilitating decision-making processes. Professionals can u...Read more about Intent Activation

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Slintel is the industry leader in capturing technographic-powered buying intent. It helps companies uncover active buyers in their target market and identify the specific products and services that are most likely to be of interes...Read more about Slintel

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Lead Forensics

In our fast-paced world, real-time engagement has never been so important, and even better when it is human-to-human. Statistically, 84% of B2B buyers will purchase from the first organization they engage with, and yet reacting q...Read more about Lead Forensics

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Demandbase One

The Demandbase One Smarter GTM™ platform helps teams hit their revenue goals with fewer resources. It uses Account Intelligence, rich and reliable account-level insight, to help you orchestrate sales and marketing moves and inject...Read more about Demandbase One


Klarity® - Save time with One-Click Prospecting™. Klarity is B2B marketing and sales prospecting tool for building, sharing and saving contact lists for outreach and lead prioritization. Allowing you to build and view prospect li...Read more about Klarity


Lead411 is a B2B data platform offering highly accurate and verified email/direct cell dials all backed by triggered company event data. This data includes event like recent funding, IPOs, Hiring Trends, Recent Awards, New Locati...Read more about Lead411

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TrustRadius is a buyer intent software that helps businesses track verified reviews and ratings of different products. The platform enables managers to add products across various categories to attract and engage prospects. Admin...Read more about TrustRadius

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Pathmonk is a lead generation solution that helps businesses analyze the actions of website visitors to deliver personalized micro-moments that further optimizes visitor conversion rates. Intent data and micro-moments allow busine...Read more about Pathmonk

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Give your sales team the unfair advantage of knowing which leads they should focus on based on real-time engagement. With so many data points your leads can engage with it's nearly impossible for sellers to extract actionable ins...Read more about Leadcamp

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Visual Visitor

Visual Visitor is a cloud-based lead generation solution that helps small to midsize enterprises with anonymous visitor identification, market segmentation, email campaign integration and form capture. It translates website visito...Read more about Visual Visitor

Momentum Data

Momentum Data is an AI-powered social selling platform for B2B enterprises. It gathers buyer intent data and provides valuable insights for sales and marketing teams to streamline new customer outreach programs. Teams can access s...Read more about Momentum Data

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DemandJump is a cloud-based solution that provides consumer insights and market intelligence to marketing teams of all sizes. This solution can be used to analyze competitor data, including organic search, paid ads, online traffic...Read more about DemandJump

Company Surge Analytics

Bombora Company Surge® helps B2B businesses use intent data to identify target organizations that have shown a high demand for specific products and services. This solution is designed to help marketing teams efficiently align goa...Read more about Company Surge Analytics

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Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a suite of conversion optimization tools designed to help businesses track and engage with visitors using heatmaps, dashboards, live chat, polls and more. Administrators can gain insights into problematic areas wit...Read more about Lucky Orange

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Make better business decisions, automate your data process and optimise your business with Decision Intelligence. With industrytics, you can connect, analyse and visualise all the metrics and data about your business and the feed...Read more about Industrytics

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Sparklane's Predict unlocks lead Generation thanks to AI. Sparklane helps throughout your prospection journey by helping you to identify, map and recommend the best accounts to engage, provide contact details of prospects and enga...Read more about Sparklane


Salespanel provides specialized marketing analytics, account intelligence, and first-party intent data tracking software designed for B2B enterprises. In today's cookieless tracking environment, our solution excels at identifying ...Read more about Salespanel


Aptivio is an AI-powered revenue growth platform. It helps B2B companies accelerate revenue growth through advanced network selling. Aptivio caters to mid-market and enterprise companies across various industries. Aptivio provi...Read more about Aptivio

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Pidgi is a predictive Lead Intelligence as a Service solution. Pidgi saves you time by automating the prospect research prospect. Sellers can identify past product users in their target accounts by analyzing your existing customer...Read more about Pidgi

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Mindpath is a marketing automation platform that allows B2B Companies to target Ideal Clients that show intent signals across the web. Mindpath works as a Marketing Assistant 24/7, running campaigns automatically to persuade ICPs...Read more about Mindpath

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Leadoo is a marketing software, which helps businesses convert website traffic into online sales and sales leads, and deliver a personalized user-experience to your visitors. The platform enables organizations to store information...Read more about Leadoo

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G2 Buyer Intent

G2 Buyer Intent provides insights to help sales teams identify high-intent prospects that are actively researching software products. This solution can be used by marketing teams to create and enhance ABM campaigns. By tracking G2...Read more about G2 Buyer Intent

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DemandScience is a leading B2B demand generation company that makes marketing and sales easier by enabling organizations to find the right prospects faster and target in-market buyers. The DemandScience Live Data Factory uses inno...Read more about DemandScience

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GO Show

CIENCE GO Show uses tracking pixel technology to generate a detailed profile of all your website visitors. Through our visual ID system, you’ll be able to identify the anonymous traffic happening live on your landing pages and enh...Read more about GO Show

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Lusha's intelligent go-to-market platform delivers the data and insights you need to reach out to your ideal customers at the right time, every time Get accurate, direct contact information with Lusha’s prospecting platform and g...Read more about Lusha

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With Outfunnel you can easily unite your sales and marketing data and prioritize your leads. • Keep your sales and marketing contacts in sync 24/7 to save time otherwise wasted on managing lists. • All marketing engagement data ...Read more about Outfunnel

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With a SoftwareAdvice rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, Happierleads is the perfect lead-gen tool designed to provide insight on every company that visits your website. Happierleads provides information about your site's visitors, inc...Read more about Happierleads

Learn More is an AI-powered customer data platform that helps businesses automate enrichment, research, customer insights, firmographics, and behavioral analytics. Its key features include AI personas and behavioral segmentation, ...Read more about

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BambooBox is an AI-powered account-based marketing platform for B2B marketers. It enables teams to achieve predictable revenue growth by unifying data across channels for a comprehensive view of account journeys. BambooBox analyze...Read more about BambooBox

No reviews yet is an account intelligence, analytics & attribution platform that helps sales & marketing teams at high-growth B2Bs to build pipeline by tapping into intent signals on your website, CRM, LinkedIn, & G2. Score & priori...Read more about

KickFire LIVE Leads

KickFire offers cloud-based solutions for B2B organizations. KickFire is designed to increase sales by identifying anonymous visitor companies on organizational websites. It captures new leads, provides real-time lead alerts, and ...Read more about KickFire LIVE Leads

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Signum.AI helps you find customers ready to buy. It watches how potential buyers act, like how they use social media, change jobs, launch new products, or talk about certain topics, to figure out the best time to sell to them. H...Read more about

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