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TradeLog is an on-premise accounting solution designed specifically for active traders and investors, as well as accountants and CPAs, to ensure IRS compliance for traders. TradeLog is intended for use by small businesses and individuals.

TradeLog allows executives to automate tax calculations and avoid inaccurate tax return submission. It offers a single tax year file where all trade history and an unlimited number of brokerage accounts can be stored and tracked. The trade history is then used to generate the correct documents for tax filing.

TradeLog helps traders and investors navigate wash sale rules by identifying and notifying professionals about new acquisitions that could potentially result in IRA wash sales. A host of comprehensive editing functions are available for tax adjustments and events, such as options, corporate actions and different types of matching.

TradeLog offers data file security by encrypting documents and enabling password protection to ensure the safety of data. Pricing is based on an annual subscription.

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December 2018


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5 of 5

December 2018

For over 10 years Tradelog has been the very best software to track my day trades

The end of year tax form print out saves me $100's in accountant fees


This software allows unlimited trades to be entered and tracks wash sales. At the end of the year it processes your tax forms. Very very very functional.


For an active day trader that wants to change their cost basis from FIFO to something else, you have to do this by hand. It would be nice if it allowed LIFO by just toggling