ClickDroid Software

ClickDroid is a cloud-based business intelligence software platform that collects a business’s relevant data and displays it on dashboards in one central location.

This solution is primarily used by IT teams, sales and marketing professionals, finance managers, data analysts, project managers, clients and other business users from a variety of industries.  

ClickDroid offers pre-built widgets for integrations with major business platforms, including Salesforce, Google AdWords, FreshBooks, Amazon web services, Zendesk, Shopify, Basecamp and many more. Custom widgets are also available for additional integrations.

Unlimited dashboards can be set up to monitor marketing KPIs, sales, financials, social media channels and a variety of other metrics.

Users can share dashboards in real time with management, clients, and other stakeholders, or they can download the data or schedule email reports to be exported in PNG, PDF, JPEG or CSV formats.

ClickDroid is offered as a subscription license, renewed either monthly or annually.

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