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Astute Bot is a live chat interface that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to perform a range of customer-oriented tasks, including interactive customer self-service and conversational commerce.

Astute Bot interprets consumers’ questions, analyzes text inputs, determines appropriate resources and delivers a response optimized for the connecting device and communication channel. The chatbot can pull information from different sources to craft a response including authored knowledgebases, information found from indexing websites, other existing content, API calls to internal business systems or external applications. If the bot cannot find an answer, it escalates to a live agent and provides them with the full context of the interaction.

Astute's chatbot technology can power consumer interactions across websites, mobile apps, messengers (like Facebook Messenger or WeChat) and voice-based virtual assistants.

Support is available via email and over the phone. 


Astute Bot - Website integration
  • Astute Bot - Website integration
    Website integration
  • Astute Bot - Airline example
    Airline example
  • Astute Bot - Retail example
    Retail example
  • Astute Bot - Branded app integration
    Branded app integration
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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