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Web+Center is a suite of open source, customizable help desk solutions for IT organizations in almost any industry. The web-based help desk application can be run on-site or in the cloud. With access to 100% of the source code, organizations can create the ideal customized solution for their unique business needs for applications such as IT help desk, customer support, asset tracking and facilities management.

Pricing is determined by the number of licensed technicians and is always available for reference on the website, so there are no hidden costs. Web+Center's out of the box, installation approach works for both smaller organizations with a few techs, up to a very large, enterprise-level company.

Web+Center's suite of applications offer both full screen browser applications and now mobile applications for both Android and iPhone phone and tablet mobile devices. The software is used in many applications including IT support, asset management, account management, customer support, and facilities management. 

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December 2015

Jeff from City of Russellville


4.5 of 5

Customer support

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5 of 5

December 2015

Web+Center is Easy to Use


Personally I like the fact that the software is open source and can be modified to fit your needs. With general knowledge of ASP code, you can custom tailor the software to work with your company or department. Any time I have emailed the vendor, I have quickly received a reply with my questions answered quickly and professionally.


There really isn't anything about the software that I do not like.