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Azarbod offers a cloud-based inventory and shop management solution for midsize manufacturers, distributors and constructors. Key features include inventory and order management, job scheduling, staff and timesheet management, vendor management and more.

Azarbod's warehouse setup includes features for a multi-warehouse facility with lot and serial number based item tracking, multiple pricing structures and currency conversion. Users can export and import item details Microsoft Excel. The solution supports economic re-order quantity calculations and offers suggestions that help users to create purchase orders based on dynamically changing demand.

Azarbod's order management system offers tools to create quotes, RMAs and purchase orders. It integrates with third-party carriers such as UPS and FedEx for calculating shipping rates and tracking shipments.

For customers, Azarbod offers a self-service portal that allows them to place orders, request quotation, view product catalogs, make payments and more. Users can reach out to their customer support team via phone and email for product related assistance.


Azarbod Shop Control - Customer details
  • Azarbod Shop Control - Customer details
    Customer details
  • Azarbod Shop Control - Demand generation
    Demand generation
  • Azarbod Shop Control - New order page
    New order page
  • Azarbod Shop Control - Purchase orders
    Purchase orders
  • Azarbod Shop Control - Workstation console
    Workstation console
  • Azarbod Shop Control - Workstation dashboard
    Workstation dashboard
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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