About Kanbanize

Kanbanize is a cloud-based project management system based on kanban boards. It is suitable for businesses across all industries and offers task management visualization tools, email integration and analytics.

Users can create kanban cards representing project tasks. Cards can be moved into different project stages as tasks are completed, and administrators can limit the number of cards that are assigned to a team member or project phase. Cards can be linked so that modifying one card automatically updates linked cards. Permission controls, card templates and configurable event triggers are also included.

Time tracking features allow users to enter their hours worked and generate worklogs that can be exported into Excel or visualized within Kanbanize. Analytics tools help users track average project lifecycle time, task distribution, completed tasks and more. Reports can be exported as PDFs or image files.  

Pricing is per user per month, and support is offered via email.

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Supported Operating System(s):

Web browser (OS agnostic)

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