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Floor Plan Mapper by LaudonTech offers space and move management tools for any industry with facilities. The system allows users to add, edit and move employees and assets using an interactive visual floor plan.

The main view displays the floor plan with color-coded icons denoting whether a room is available or booked. Clicking a room lets users add or edit events related to that space; events can be added in a weekly or monthly view.

Employees can also be added to spaces, with the system showing that person's contact information and title.

Floor Plan Mapper also allows users to track the location of assets within a building in the same way. The system is Web-based, accessible from any Web browser and can integrate with Windows Active Directory.


Floor Plan Mapper - Main view
  • Floor Plan Mapper - Main view
    Main view
  • Floor Plan Mapper - Adding events
    Adding events
  • Floor Plan Mapper - Monthly events view
    Monthly events view
  • Floor Plan Mapper - Tablet view
    Tablet view
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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