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Designed to solve scheduling challenges, Calendar's all-in-one solution uses AI and ML to develop unique calendar experiences for your entire team. With Calendar, teams can schedule meetings whenever based on availability. All users can understand and track their productivity using built-in time/meeting analytics. Calendar's Find a Time feature enables users to check multiple calendars for meeting availability and schedule events within a matter of seconds. Users can view and manage all events using a multi-view calendar timeline. Calendar easily integrates with all major email providers, video conferencing tools, and third-party calendar software such as Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar. ...

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March 2022

Calendar.com is well designed and slightly more compliated

Overall, Calendar is a solid scheduling app. It really is just about par with Calendly, and in the end I stuck with Calendly because I had already built it out and knew how to work it. If you need a good scheduling app at a lower price point (or even free), you can't go wrong with Calendar.


Calendar.com has a clean design and a worth contender alongside Calendly. The great side of Calendar is more features in the basic package than Calendly (create as many event types as you like). The scheduling page for clients is also clean and easy to navigate.


There were some things that were a little harder to figure out than Calendly. On the event creation page, I had to click around to figure out how to properly set things up. The options on the home page of my account were also a bit more obscure, leaving me a bit confused as to how to navigate things.