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For midsized to enterprise call centers seeking a web-based solution, CC-One offers a fully integrated contact system that also offers ACD and Performance Analytics as stand-alone applications.

In addition to call distribution, CC-One also offers other functionalities: Interactive Voice Response, CTI, Auto Dialer, PBX, Call Scripting, and more, all accessible from an interface that is entirely browser-based. The systems allows users to analyze cross-channel customer interactions, and individual agent performances. Predictive analytics-based routing matches each customer to the best agent for their needs. Call center operations can be monitored in real time, with historical data accessible for metrics analysis. CC-One’s web-based architecture can support agents regardless of their location with their mobile call center app.  

CC-One is suitable for a variety of industries including Advertising, Banking, Marketing Services, Real Estate, Healthcare, and more.


CC-One - Omni-channel report
  • CC-One - Omni-channel report
    Omni-channel report
  • CC-One - Analyzer filtering
    Analyzer filtering
  • CC-One - Real-time operations dashboard
    Real-time operations dashboard
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8, Windows 10

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