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Schmooze Com, Inc. is the developer and corporate sponsor of FreePBX, which is a distribution of the open-source Asterisk telephony platform. True to its name, FreePBX is indeed free for businesses possessing the IT experience to deploy the system, but Schmooze Com also sells a commercial phone system for businesses that need additional features and support. PBXact is Schmooze Com’s on-premise system, while PBXtended is a cloud-based version of the system. Unlimited extensions are available with both versions of the system. PBXact can also support connections to the traditional phone network, such as analog and T1 lines. PBXact and PBXtended offer a number of standard PBX features, such as caller ID, call forwarding and find me/follow me (which forwards calls ...

PBXact Pricing

Three hosting options are available - VPS servers, VPS servers with SSD, and dedicated servers - each with multiple pricing levels. VPS servers: Aluminium: $34.99/month, 2GB memory, 60GB storage, 5-15 simultaneous calls. Iron: $39.99/month, 4GB memory, 80GB storage, 15-25 simultaneous calls. Steel: $44.99/month, 6GB memory, 100GB storage, 25-50 simultaneous calls. VPS servers with SSD: Nickel: $44.99/month, 1GB memory, 25GB SSD storage, 5-15 simultaneous calls. Titanium: $49.99/month, 2GB memory, 35GB SSD storage, 15-25 simultaneous calls. Tungsten: $54.99/month, 3GB memory, 45GB SSD storage, 25-50 simultaneous calls. Dedicated servers, all with a 100Mbps network connection: Atom: $50.00/month, 2GB memory, 1x500GB hard drive. Dual-Core: $109.99/month, 4GB memory, 2x500GB hard drives. Quad-Core: $159.99/month, 4GB memory, 2x500GB hard drives. Quad-Core: $189.99/month, 8GB memory, 2x500GB hard drives. Hex-Core: $209.99/month, 8GB memory, 2x500GB hard drives.

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