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Learn Amp

Learn Amp is a career management software that helps businesses create and share learning programs with employees to drive engagement. Key features include customizable templates, drag-and-drop interface, learning pathways, assess...Read more about Learn Amp


Lattice is a cloud-based performance management solution for HR professionals across multiple industries. Businesses and enterprise-level corporations can customize the solution to suit their requirements. Core functionalities inc...Read more about Lattice

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CompetencyCore is a cloud-based human resource management (HRM) solution that provides talent management capabilities, including tools to help users identify talent needs, evaluate employee skills and address deficiencies in those...Read more about CompetencyCore

3.9 (7 reviews)


Hitch is a web-based talent mobility and intelligence solution, designed to help large businesses build teams, reskill and upskill workforce and generate career plans. Hitch enables HR managers to match candidates and provide re...Read more about Hitch

4.8 (4 reviews)

Insala Career Management

Insala Career Management is a human resource and career management solution that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as healthcare, legal, professional services, finance, manufacturing, retail, technology...Read more about Insala Career Management

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TalentGuard’s integrated cloud-based talent management suite offers tools to automate performance management, 360-degree feedback, career pathing, succession planning, certification tracking and more to engage, develop and retain ...Read more about TalentGuard

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Cornerstone Performance

Ensuring that your people support your most important KPIs can be challenging. However, the right performance management software makes it easier to define success for your organization and connect employees to your mission. Corne...Read more about Cornerstone Performance

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Career Paths

Career Paths is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to help job seekers plan and streamline career management processes. Members can use the application to view various job titles with their descriptions, skillsets and o...Read more about Career Paths

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Leapsome is the all-in-one intelligent people enablement platform used by CEOs and HR teams at more than 1500 forward-thinking companies (including Spotify,, and Unity) to drive employee development, productivity, and e...Read more about Leapsome

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entomo is a cloud-based business performance management software designed to help businesses monitor employee engagement, define goals, and handle competencies, career, remote and distributed teams. The platform lets organizations...Read more about entomo

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Schoox is workplace learning software with a people-first twist. People aren’t cogs, and Schoox was designed for how humans actually learn. We keep learners curious by letting you deliver more kinds of content wherever they are, f...Read more about Schoox

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Paddle is artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled talent management and succession planning solution designed to help businesses analyze, measure and build skills, create career paths, manage internal mobility processes and more to r...Read more about Paddle

4.5 (2 reviews)


ProjectFlow 365 is a project management software that helps businesses manage projects and portfolios, including the current status and tasks assigned. Users can create new projects or add existing ones, as well as create tasks, a...Read more about ProjectFlow

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FlowIT is a people development solution that helps organizations manage their resources, from onboarding to succession planning. FlowIT's platform takes a collaborative approach to talent management and gives insights into where ...Read more about FLOWIT

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Self-Directed Learning Engine

Self-Directed Learning Engine (SDLE) is a learning experience platform designed to deliver personalized learning in the flow of work. Once data is loaded into the SDLE, users automate personalized, competency-based learning for...Read more about Self-Directed Learning Engine

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INTOO Outplacement

INTOO is the career development and outplacement flagship for Gi Group, a global leader in HR and talent solutions with 20+ years of experience in delivering high-touch, people-focused programs to more than 20,000 companies around...Read more about INTOO Outplacement

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Pando features built-in levels, competency-based development plans, and contextualized feedback and assessments. It enables managers to easily calibrate and handle their team's performance throughout the year....Read more about Pando

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Aidemy Business

Aidemy Business is an online learning platform that helps Japanese companies train HR professionals on digital transformation (DX). To assist with DX education and reskilling, this solution offers 150+ courses designed to train HR...Read more about Aidemy Business

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Twiser is a people-oriented OKR performance management platform for growing start-ups and mid-size businesses to large enterprises. With Twiser, businesses can streamline and improve their workflow by setting clear and aligned i...Read more about Twiser

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We are building an all-in-one tool to manage growth and improve performance of your tech talent. Vectorly aligns company goals, career progression of your people and your day to day work to reach maximum productivity and motivatio...Read more about Vectorly

4.2 (5 reviews)


Workforce management solutions such as eNetEnterprise are not only about streamlining and improving internal systems, data flow, and decision-making but about people. They help businesses improve the ways in which they attract, id...Read more about eNetEnterprise

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HR-ON Staff

HR-ON Staff is the only tool you need in your HR department. It is created to make HR professionals' jobs easier, more automatic and streamlined. Processes are made to be created once and repeated over and over again. HR-ON Staf...Read more about HR-ON Staff

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Juno Journey

Juno Journey is a personalized L&D operations system. Juno Journey empowers a culture of professional growth for small and medium enterprises. We do it by helping companies to optimize the way they onboard, enable, develop and ret...Read more about Juno Journey

SumTotal Talent Development

SumTotal Talent Development enables small and medium-sized businesses to handle recruiting, onboarding, learning management and performance tracking operations. It enables managers to create individual development plans (IDPs), tr...Read more about SumTotal Talent Development

2.7 (3 reviews)


OpusView is a people-tech SaaS platform for companies of all sizes and industries. OpusView simplifies employee skills mapping, skills assessment, skills development, and skills utilization. You can get started quickly with 100 ...Read more about OpusView

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DevSkiller TalentBoost

A skills management tool called DevSkiller TalentBoost was developed to define, assess, and manage digital and IT abilities. The platform uses our unique skills mapping and management technologies to enable the adoption of the ski...Read more about DevSkiller TalentBoost

4.0 (3 reviews)

Workday HCM

Workday HCM assists global businesses of all sizes in a variety of industry verticals with workforce planning, analysis, and execution. Workday delivers user and administrative tools such as financial management, HR planning, tale...Read more about Workday HCM

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ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery unlocks enterprise productivity and gives your employees the service experience they deserve. By providing employees and managers with a single place to manage their work needs while shielding them ...Read more about ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

4.3 (6 reviews)


Paycor empowers leaders to build winning teams. Paycor’s human capital management (HCM) platform modernizes every aspect of people management, from recruiting, onboarding and payroll to career development and retention, but what r...Read more about Paycor

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Insala Mentoring

MentoringTalent is a cloud-based mentoring solution that enables human resources professionals to match mentors with mentees, create learning paths, facilitate communication and analyze the performance of mentorship programs. The ...Read more about Insala Mentoring

4.5 (2 reviews)


The Thrive Career Wellness Platform offers modern outplacement solutions to help organizations navigate layoffs and provide departing employees with career transition support. The award-winning digital platform is reimagining out...Read more about Thrive

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Talent3sixty is a 360-degree feedback and survey management software, which helps businesses create, assign and monitor assessments to capture feedback from employees, managers and other staff members. Organizations can gain insig...Read more about talent3sixty


Kinobi is a scholarship management software that helps higher education institutes streamline operational workflows across multiple office functions. The solutions that Kinobi provides include a career service management system, m...Read more about Kinobi

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Insala Coaching

Insala’s coaching solution is designed to enable program administrators to proficiently manage and track any number of coaching programs through the entire process from enrolling participants, scheduling sessions, generating repor...Read more about Insala Coaching

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ISOtrain is a learning management system that helps businesses assign training courses to employees and track learning progress. The solution enables managers to monitor training profiles, assign instructor-led sessions to staff m...Read more about ISOtrain

4.4 (5 reviews)


skillaPRO is a cloud-based software that helps businesses enhance employee performance and streamline business operations. The platform utilizes AI technology to optimize workforce productivity, providing features like skill manag...Read more about skillaPRO

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Zinkify is an education platform designed to optimize resource management and facilitate the learning process for students. It offers features such as personalized portals for students, improved resource management for institution...Read more about Zinkify


SuccessionHR is the first HR software focused on Succession Planning for top employers. No more countless hours wasted on Excel and PowerPoints: - Get rid of those messy Excel files and free yourself from creating executive pres...Read more about SuccessionHR

5.0 (5 reviews)


PerformYard is your complete employee performance toolkit. Build your vision of performance management with an easy-to-use system your people will love. Get streamlined performance reviews, check-ins, goal management, continuous f...Read more about PerformYard

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