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Client Success Partner

We've grown our client base significantly in the last year, and we need a hard working, supremely organized account manager to help us keep all of our customers happy with our service.


We're looking for someone who:

  • Is a bit of a smarty pants. You can quickly grasp foreign topics-especially in business and technology-then communicate them clearly to others.
  • Is crazy organized and detail oriented. You're comfortable jumping from one project to another and back without letting anything slip through the cracks.
  • Has unshakeable optimism and energy. You are confident, happy and vibrant, with the kind of charm that makes people fall in love over the phone (not in a weird way).
  • Excels in verbal and written English. You write and speak clearly, concisely and correctly. You choose your words wisely and put them together real good.
  • Is really, really good with people. This ain't your first rodeo. You've worked in customer service in the past, so you understand the challenges and the rewards of a client-facing role.
  • Can think on their feet. We work in over thirty markets, so you'll be constantly expanding your knowledge base-sometimes on the fly. You can gracefully navigate through conversations even when you do not know everything off the top of your head.

What you'll do all day:

  • Manage your accounts. You'll foster growth and retention of our clients with proactive outreach to ensure we're meeting all of their demands, and they understand the scope of our services so they are optimized for success.
  • Regularly check in on our clients. The squeaky wheels may get the grease, but even the quietest clients need a check-in from time to time to make sure things are running smoothly.
  • Get new clients started out on the right foot. You'll upload their products to our website and work with the rest of the team to ensure every client enjoys a seamless on-boarding process.
  • Write content for client profiles. The user's experience starts with our website. We need to make sure that everything we post about our clients is unique and correct.
  • Manage day-to-day client support. We work with over 1,000 software vendors (and growing!), and there are a variety of support requests that come in every day.

You'll be measured on how well you:

  • Maximize potential for each of your clients. You understand that balancing what's best for the client with what's good for the company is crucial.
  • Retain your current clients. We never like to lose a customer. You're the type of person who will fight to keep accounts.
  • Build trust as a partner for our program. When your client has a question about what to do next and how to improve the program, they come to you because they know you have the answers.
  • Understand each client's process. Everyone does it a little different in software sales, and it's important that you understand how they do what they do.

A few reasons why you might hate it:

  • You take things personally. Customer service can be tough sometimes. You'll need thick skin and a positive attitude to succeed.
  • You get hyper-focused and like to do one thing at a time. You should thrive on multi-tasking and not be stressed out by juggling several tasks at once.
  • Administrative or repetitive tasks make you snore. Some parts of this job might seem pretty tedious but they're incredibly important to our business.

And a few reasons why you might love it:

  • You'll grow and learn a ton. You'll become a better business person as you immerse yourself in the world of technology and entrepreneurship.
  • The work environment is amazing. Our SoCo office is insanely cool, open, and inviting. We dress casually and have fun while working hard.
  • The team is even more amazing. You will work with people who are as energetic, smart, and driven as you are. You'll be managed by the best too.
  • Your success will be recognized and appreciated. You'll be able to see your direct impact on our growth. You won't be just another cog in the wheel.
  • You'll have extreme growth potential. As a Gartner company, we can offer you the benefits of a fast-paced entrepreneurial workplace and the professional growth opportunities of a global organization.

Software Advice is a Gartner company, so to be considered for a position here, you'll need to apply through the Gartner website.

Software Advice is a Gartner company, so to be considered for a position here, you'll need to apply through the Gartner website.

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