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About NS8

NS8 is a fraud prevention platform that helps businesses of all sizes ensure secure financial transactions and optimize processing of orders via monitoring, behaviour analytics and real-time scoring. The platform enables organizations to secure the event ticketing processes by identifying risk accounts and blocking suspicious transactions. NS8 offers Ad fraud protection, which enables users to determine bots across marketing campaigns and prevent a variety of advertising frauds such as clicks, impressions, retargeting, and affiliate. It offers a host of features including data analysis, performance monitoring, customer verification, automated workflows, custom order rules, API access and more. Additionally, administrators can configure notifications to receive aler...

NS8 Pricing

Starter Edition Plan: - $29.95/month - Up to 30,000 scores - $1.20 for each additional 1,000 scores over 30,000 Full Edition Plan: - $100/month - Up to 100,000 scores - $1.00 for each additional 1,000 scores over 100,000 scores

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$29.95 per month

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Not Available

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