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Netacea Bot Management Software

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Netacea Bot Management is a bot attack protection solution for businesses. It uses machine learning to detect malicious bots, respond to attacks, and adapt to evolving threats. Netacea provides real-time threat data and can build on existing security stacks. Businesses can use this scalable solution to protect websites, mobile apps, and APIs. It integrates with third-party solutions such as Akamai, Magento, CloudFlare, and others. No hardware is required to use this solution. Netacea Bot Management includes an Intent Analytics engine that identifies the reasons behind bot activity and sophisticated attacks. It can protect against credential stuffing, account takeover, data scraping, and other types of threats. Netacea mitigates unwanted bot traffic without affecting h...

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February 2020

Netacea Bot Management is fantastic

My experience has been great!


Pros. If your looking for a great management program definitely use this one its very easy to use and quite simple. It pretty much does the work for you.


If I had to pick one thing about this product that was my least favorite id say Netacea Bot Management does run kinda slow but is improving immensely everyday!

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I like to test and try new products and then recommend them to people.