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FM Dashboard is a unique web-based Asset Management solution for businesses of all sizes. Compatible with Apple products, Android devices, and PCs, this robust solution can support businesses in a wide range of industries, including: Automotive, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, and Real Estate.

In addition to its platform flexibility, FM Dashboard provides a number of essential applications for robust asset management, including preventive and predictive maintenance, as well as work order management. Its users benefit from the software's automated email notifications, which communicate whether or not a piece of equipment is still under warranty before it is dispatched.

Designed by facilities professionals, FM Dashboard is ideal for any business that is ready to move away from spreadsheets and manual data entry. This system eliminates human error and streamlines how the warranty process is managed; when a piece of equipment is damaged or breaks, users can immediately see if it is covered under warranty, and with just a few clicks find out where to send the repair information. It also cautions when something has been repaired too much, and too frequently.

FM Dashboard keeps its customers both informed and efficient with these automatic notifications, which are updated in real-time on any matter that needs attention. Once installed, facilities managers will be able to more capably and productively manage one or multiple locations, and spend more time being focusing on day-to-day operations. Since FM Dashboard consolidates all contract, work order, location, and equipment data in one place, updates and changes are made quickly and easily, and in real time.


FM Dashboard - Simple, intuitive design and interface
  • FM Dashboard - Simple, intuitive design and interface
    Simple, intuitive design and interface
  • FM Dashboard - Manage all of your locations
    Manage all of your locations
  • FM Dashboard - Built in invoice and quote management
    Built in invoice and quote management
  • FM Dashboard - Manage contractors
    Manage contractors
  • FM Dashboard - Repair history and communication
    Repair history and communication
  • FM Dashboard - Track asset repair history and warranties
    Track asset repair history and warranties
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Phil from BCDG
Specialty: Food and Beverage

July 2014

July 2014

Exactly what I was looking for!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

FM Dashboard tracks all of the info that I need to know, from cost to hours, as well as asset management. The product is so easy and intuitive to use, I have yet to find some one that could not be trained to use it in 15 minutes or less. Since setup, the customer service has been top notch.

Likes Least

I have yet to find anything that the software is built to do that I find myself unsatisfied with.


Just give them a call. They were so accommodating. They will give you a tutorial online and let you evaluate it for yourself.